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You Need More Workspace, Check Out These L-Shaped Desks

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Standard desks are great, but sometimes your students need more space in the classroom, homeschool room or bedroom for studying. An L-shaped desk can give students a primary workspace as well as additional space for desktop organization, books, art and crafting projects or charging stations for tablets and other accessories.

This L-shaped desk also comes with two built-in holes to keep cords and wires under control. Each of the two bookshelves can hold up to 35 pounds as well.

This glass L-shaped desk is perfect for writing, homework or gamers taking a break from studying and looking to create the perfect command center. There’s plenty of space for multiple monitors and tech accessories with this desk.

The GreenForest L-shaped desk is perfect for either placing in a corner or creating a natural division for a workspace. Students will also have plenty of space for multiple monitors and tech gear with this affordable option.

You can choose from six finishes with the Tribedesigns L-shaped desk, including two marble tops and one rustic faux-wood top.

This luxe L-shaped desk is available in four finishes, including a bright white finish for a more modern effect. It comes with four built-in USB hubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can L-shaped desks help kids learn?

Giving kids the room to freely focus on their schoolwork can be a great way to ensure their success in school. Having a desk that supports children’s learning is important for this. L-shaped desks can help to provide ample workspace for kids so they feel completely unrestricted while working on homework. By using an L-shaped desk, kids can spread their books and notes out without having to leave anything on the floor. Letting kids work out problems with a large workspace can help them stay focused on homework and finish it faster. The comfort of such a desk will also make the hours they’ll spend working at it more comfortable.

What can kids use an L-shaped desk for?

Creating a workspace at home is a great way for kids to improve their learning experience away from school. L-shaped desks can be a great way to make a dedicated learning space more comfortable and accessible, possibly even making kids look forward to sitting down to work. L-shaped desks can fit snugly into a corner, giving kids the opportunity to maximize their room’s space and carve out an area specifically geared toward learning. They can also be placed strategically to cut a room into zones, dividing up the space. By using an L-shaped desk, kids can customize their space in a way that’s functional and mature.

Buying Guide

L-shaped desks tend to be similar in their form, but they have so many options to offer in subtle variations. Different designs can bring new utilities, keeping kids equipped to learn in so many ways. Figuring out which features will help your children most is a great way to ensure you find the best option for learning.

Some desks offer a minimalistic setup, keeping the desk from getting overly cluttered and messy. This can help kids keep their space clean so they can readily take on schoolwork without rummaging around a cluttered space. Other options have built-in shelves and drawers, letting kids store their learning materials at arm’s reach. This can help kids stay on task and not give them an excuse to get up and walk away.

The shelves on some L-shaped desks can even be used to display personal items, so kids can customize their space and feel more attached to the desk space. Knowing how each variation may suit your child can put you on the fast track to making the right choice.

Expert Commentary

L-shaped desks can maximize the corner of a room, whether students are studying in their bedrooms or teachers are looking for extra space in the classroom. These desks have built-in storage options and can be placed against a wall or facing it. They’re available in different styles to suit your every need, from sleek and minimalist to sophisticated.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.