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With Tempera Paint, Art Time Gets More Imaginative

young child boy is having fun while playing with stamps and tempera paints on wooden work desk with a lot of dirty on his hands and fingers producting multicolor creations

We’re hard-pressed to find a child who doesn’t love to play with paint. But to really bring their creativity to life, you want vibrant hues that will keep them engaged and excited about arts and crafts. Tempera paint is a great option thanks to the thicker texture and bold colors that show up consistently on a variety of surfaces. Tempera is a staple art supply to have on hand for creative learning, both at home and at school, and a good set will encourage kids to let their imaginations run wild.

A choice of 18 colors is plenty for practically any project. These paints have a creamy consistency that makes them easy to apply on almost any surface and they are completely washable.

These six large bottles are filled with 16 ounces of bright, blendable water-based tempera pigment. Soap and water wash away any messes yet the paint lasts once it is dry.

Children will love the bold hues this kid’s tempera paint creates and the consistent texture across whichever surface you use with it. The small size is perfect for use at home.

Best Colors

This kid’s tempera paint set comes with three paintbrushes, and that the bottles are the perfect size for children to handle with ease. You’ll get two fluid ounces in each bottle.

Choose from eight vibrant colors with this kid’s tempera paint option. Each bottle is eight ounces and is great for use with a variety of surfaces while also cleaning up easily with water.

This kid’s tempera paint set comes with a storage box that keeps the paint organized when you’re not using it. Kids create custom colors with the large color range.

You’ll get nine colors with this kid’s tempera paint set, all washable. They’re ready to pour and easy to clean up with just a bit of water.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can tempera paint be used for in the classroom?

One reliable way to keep children engaged and ready to learn is by adding a splash of vibrance and creativity to their lessons. Instead of having them read about animals or bugs, they could paint their favorite animals to develop an understanding of wildlife and ecology. Adding a unique twist to traditional lessons can keep young students focused and eager to learn more. After all, kids tend to love creative activities, and it doesn’t get more creative than painting with bright colors.

What can children use tempera paint on?

When it comes to younger children, painting can be a mess. But a lot of tempera paints wash off easily, so they can be used on a variety of surfaces. Working with paints could be an interesting new way to teach a wide range of subjects. Imagine children painting with their favorite colors on a canvas or even a classroom window. Switching up the way kids interact with school can be a great way to drive home important lessons without adding pressure or stress, keeping education light and joyful. 

How can children learn with tempera paint?

Creative thinking is an important skill for people of all ages, and learning it early on could be an advantage for your child. Using tempera paints to learn can encourage creative thinking in a variety of ways, from color mixing to planning a painting. For example, you could present your child with only three colors and challenge them to make as many colors as they can by mixing different amounts of each color. Interaction with a new medium can build a stronger understanding of colors and how they work.

How can tempera paint be used to teach at home?

A fun way for parents to teach their children is with cooperative lessons and activities. Parents could use tempera paint to engage in challenges alongside their children for a fun and exciting experience that teaches important subjects and brings parents and children together. On top of the endless learning experiences you can find, tempera paint makes cleaning up afterward as easy as a simple wipedown. This takes any worry out of the equation and leaves only the bonding and learning for everyone to enjoy.

Expert Commentary

Tempera paints can be used on different surfaces and are easy to use, making them ideal for beginners. These are kid-safe, fast drying and easy to clean. They’re also a great option if you’re teaching your kids how to mix and blend colors. And who says tempera paints are only for kids? Adults can have a good time with tempera, too.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.