The Right Mesh Bins to Corral That Clutter

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This mesh bin measures 14-inches long, 8.5-inches tall and 3.4-inches deep. It weighs just one pound, and it comes with mounting hardware for easy installation.

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While these mesh bins are billed as shelf organizers, they can also double as a solution for drawers or desktops, too. The durable stainless steel construction means you won’t have to worry about rust.

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This mesh bin is made from powder-coated stainless steel for added durability. Plus, these bins have non-slip foam feet, so they won’t scratch surfaces or shift when you open and close drawers.

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While this durable steel mesh bin is perfect for placing next to your classroom desk, it also can be wall-mounted. (The hardware is not included, nor are hanging files.)

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This is a three-pack of mesh bins. Each bin measures 5.8-inches tall by 5.5-inches wide by 10.5-inches long. The black finish also makes this universally appealing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can parents use mesh bins to help their children stay organized?
As a student, staying on top of homework is important. Sometimes it can be difficult to stay on the ball when things are disorganized. A great way to give children a leg up on their homework is to keep an organized desk at home. Mesh bins can give them an easy way to organize their school supplies and other materials so they don’t get stuck looking for what they need. They can also be used as trash bins, keeping old papers and trash from adding up and creating clutter. Keeping a tidy desk can set students up to succeed.

What can mesh bins offer in the classroom?
Keeping a classroom clean is important to help kids focus and feel comfortable. If the classroom is cluttered and messy, students can have a hard time paying attention to their lessons. Mesh bins can offer some structure to the classroom, whether they are used to organize class materials or just as a wastebasket. They can even be color-coded, helping both students and teachers keep things neat and clean.

How can teachers use mesh bins to keep the classroom accessible?
When a teacher sets up a classroom, it is important to keep things easily accessible for everyone. Having a consistent place for kids to get the materials they need can make students feel more comfortable in the classroom. Mesh bins can be exactly that, as they lend themselves to easy labeling and storage. Teachers can make sure students know where all their learning tools are, preventing students from feeling lost or confused in the classroom environment. This small detail can make a world of difference for children, especially for kids who might be too shy to ask for things or kids who flourish with structure.

How do mesh bins benefit students?
Whether for the home or the classroom, it is important to consider how mesh bins can benefit students and their educational experience. One key thing about mesh bins is their lightweight designs, which make using them easy for most ages. Even younger elementary kids can pick up a bin and find what they need without much effort. They also have a unique way of showing students where things are, since you can see through the mesh and know what’s inside without any digging. This can make students track down their classroom necessities without the guesswork, giving them an easy way to find exactly what they need.

Expert Commentary

Mesh bins are a simple but powerful way to store homework, tests, files, mail or other loose items that you’d like to keep handy. Wall-mounted options save space, and they’re perfect for classrooms and households looking to maximize space. The items you can store in these bins are endless, from pens and pencils, to papers, keys and magazines, you can find a hundred uses for these.