The Perfect Wood Boxes for Storing Crafts

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This wood box is unfinished, serving as a blank canvas for aspiring young artists to reimagine it as they see fit. You’ll also appreciate the secure metal snap closures and roomy main compartment.

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The Walnut Hollow wood box features a sliding lid for easy access. We think this would be great to customize and use at a children’s party for receiving birthday or gift cards.

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This simple wood box measures 6 inches by 4 inches by 2 inches, making it perfect for storing smaller items like jewelry.

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This wood box features a sturdy metal clasp at the front to keep stored items secure. It’s made from pine wood and is safe for wood burning, carving and embellishing.

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We like that this wood box would be perfect to display on your budding artist’s drawing table. Each drawer also has a built-in handle so artists can easily access supplies when they need them.

Expert Commentary

There is something so elegant and classic about wood. These wooden boxes for storage are a great alternative to plastic for storing your classroom tools, pencils, gadgets, utensils, papers and more. Choose the size and design to match your home or classroom.