The Perfect Modular Flip-Out Bins to Stay Organized and Save Space

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This is a 12-pack of stackable drawers, each of which measures 5.5 inches deep by 3.5 inches wide by 1.6 inches high. They are designed so that when you pull out the drawer, it won’t tip over or come all the way out. Each drawer has customizable dividers inside as well.

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This set comes with 12 large red drawers and 18 small drawers in blue and orange, plus two pegboards to mount on a wall. Hanging these bins on the wall allows contents to be easily visible and organized, making it perfect for classroom supplies.

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The OEMTools modular flip-out bin can also be wall-mounted if you prefer. Because of the range of bin sizes, we think this is perfect for art class, the tool shed or a workspace in a garage.

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This modular flip-out bin measures just under 24 inches wide, meaning that it’s also ideal for classroom use as a dedicated storage solution on student desks.

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This modular flip-out bin measures just under 12 inches wide, making it perfect for smaller desks or countertops.

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We like that this modular flip-out bin comes with pre-drilled holes in the back so that you can opt for a wall-mounted placement to maximize table space.

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This modular flip-out bin is another compact solution that’s less than 12 inches wide and 4 inches deep. While the color is a little more utilitarian, we like the durable ABS plastic.

Expert Commentary

These flip-out bins are great, compact ways to store your goods around your classroom, apartment, or workplace. They are convenient and durable, and the clear material allows you to easily identify what’s inside each bin. Use these for tools, crafts and supplies.