The Perfect Glue for Any Situation

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While it dries quickly, this white glue is easily washable in case of a mess and comes off of clothes with minimal effort. Keep it on hand for large projects or to refill smaller bottles.

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This glue dries in as little as 10 seconds, ensuring a solid bond between whatever items are glued together. The tubes are designed with a narrow point so that the glue goes exactly where you want it to go.

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This 30-pack of glue sticks is ideal for classrooms, especially for younger grades or art classes. There are enough sticks here for every child in the class to have their own — no more fighting!

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Each bottle holds 5 grams of glue and comes with a sturdy cap to prevent it from drying out between uses. We like that this glue can bond a wide range of surfaces.

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This glue is especially useful for working with softer materials like fabrics. And because of the tacky surface and non-toxic ingredients, it’s a great option for making DIY slime for the kids.

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This glue comes in a 20-gram bottle and is ideal for quickly bonding a variety of surfaces. We also like the precision applicator tip for more accurate glue placement.

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You can use this wood glue on finished or unfinished woods. You’ll also find that it provides a secure bond, and spills can be easily cleaned up with water.

Expert Commentary

Glue is a staple in most households and classrooms! These non-toxic options are great for a variety of uses from arts and crafts projects to carpentry jobs. Glue sticks are better for children, as they’re a great way to get kids acquainted with the uses of glue, while the heavy-duty glues are more suitable for adults and advanced users.