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The Best Sketch Journals

Vintage expedition journal with a metal cup of hot tea on a rustic wood table - handwriting and drawing in pencil from a kayak trip in Poland in summer of 1974.

If you’re trying to encourage your child’s creative side, then something like a sketch journal can be the best way to spark their imaginations. Whether they’re practicing letters and numbers, doodling, writing comics or creating gorgeous sketches, this classic pastime will help them learn how to express themselves and stay occupied without relying on the Internet, their phones or television.

This sketchbook measures 8.5 by 11 inches, providing ample space on the blank white pages for writing and doodling. The paper isn’t too thin, so markers and other ink won’t bleed through.

In addition to the stencils, this journal also comes with 100 stickers to accessorize each outfit. The journal has 40 sheets for artists to dream up loads of new clothing designs.

This kids’ sketch journal can be used for crayons, watercolor paints, colored pencils and even light fine-tip markers. Kids will love the vivid abstract art on the cover of the journal.

Best Guided Drawing

Each page in this kids’ sketch journal measures 8.5 by 11 inches and has boxes for kids to draw their comics into, including speech bubbles. The 60-pound grade paper can be used with markers, crayons or colored pencils.

The whimsical cover on this kids’ sketch journal features unicorns, happy clouds and rainbows. The 100-plus pages measure 7.5 by 9.75 inches each.

This kids’ sketch journal comes with 119 pages and is made from quality stock paper that’s compatible with markers, pencils, pens and even crayons.

The pages are perforated, so kids can easily remove them and you can hang them on the fridge or in a frame. The acid-free paper works with pens, pencils, markers and charcoals.

Expert Commentary

Sketch journals are a good way to spark your child’s imagination and let their creativity overflow. Every blank page is a canvas for a new idea, doodle or anything that your child thinks of. Their imagination is their only limit. These sketch journals come with quality paper and are child-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can sketchbooks help kids learn?

When kids are learning, having the freedom to let their mind run free is important. By taking out roadblocks to their creativity, students can feel free to express their imagination without limits. Sketchbooks can help kids let their creative minds flow, giving them ample space to draw, doodle and write. On top of that, each page is a new opportunity to start fresh and practice new techniques and skills. That can take the pressure off, helping kids learn that mistakes are just a part of the process. On every page, kids can build on what they’ve learned from the last page. With sketchbooks, kids have endless possibilities at their fingertips.


What can sketchbooks bring to the classroom?

Especially in the classroom, kids need a way to express themselves. Some kids can feel pent up in the classroom, waiting for an outlet to unlock their energy and creativity. By giving kids sketchbooks, teachers can give them that outlet. Providing a dedicated space to practice their creative thinking can keep their attention from floating to something else. On a blank canvas, kids can find endless ways to make art and express themselves. Sketchbooks can keep kids from losing focus in class and direct their endless creativity towards learning and practicing artistic skills.

Buying Guide

There are so many sketchbooks for kids out there, all with unique designs and special features. When looking for a sketchbook for kids, consider their features and how they suit your kids. Some options have decorative designs that kids can love, and others are more simplistic. Finding a sketchbook that suits your child’s personality is a great way to keep them excited about drawing. Also consider the weight of the paper. Some sketchbooks have thick paper that accepts everything from pencil to watercolors, while others can only handle pencil. Based on what your child wants to draw, pick a sketchbook that helps them branch out and tackle all their creative ideas. By opening the door for other mediums, kids can really let their imaginations fly with bold colors and exciting textures.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.