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Best Rollerball Pens

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Depending on what grade your child is in, they may be writing with pens instead of pencils. Some students are quite particular about their school supplies. If you have a kid who needs the ink in their pens to be “just so,” then rollerball pens are the way to go. We’re highlighting some of the best rollerball pens for kids that should be on your shortlist.

All of these rollerball pens have black ink — making them perfect for completing homework. The pen tips vary from 0.35 to 0.5 millimeters.

We like that these kids’ rollerball pens come with clip lids so you can easily store them on a notebook. These pens have a 0.5-millimeter tip.

Your children will love that these kids’ rollerball pens also feature a built-in clip in the lid and a clear body so you can see when the ink is running low.

We like that this children’s rollerball pen set comes with eight colors and a 0.5-millimeter tip. While there are fun colors included, you still get the required black and blue ink for classwork.

We like that these kids’ rollerball pens all write in black ink, making this pick smart for schoolwork as well as anything else your child needs to write.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can rollerball pens help keep kids organized in school?
Keeping on top of schoolwork is a big part of being successful in school. Finding ways to make organization easier for kids can help guide them into good habits. Rollerball pens can be a great gateway into organization for kids. Rollerball pens help kids take notes in class, keeping them attentive and receptive to learning. There are even colored pens that make color-coded notes a possibility. If students can take notes in their favorite colors, they can get into the habit of organizing information visually. Building that skill can help in the long run, giving students a solid foundation to work from for the rest of their education.

What benefits do rollerball pens bring to the classroom?
Having the tools to succeed in the classroom is a must for students. Kids often have to pay special attention to their pencils and whether they are sharpened. Worse yet, pencils break in the middle of class all the time. With rollerball pens, that roadblock is lifted. Pens offer students consistent access to a way to take notes and write in class, so they don’t have to shift their attention to the pencil sharpener in the middle of a lesson. Giving kids a readily available way to write can keep them focused on what matters, even eliminating the distracting hum of the pencil sharpener from the noise of the classroom.

Buying Guide

There are so many rollerball pens out there. There is a lot of variation in the design of a pen, so students have a wide range of choices when picking a pen. To find the best pen for you and your needs, weigh out all the options based on how well they suit you. You can get standard pens with a simple cap, often in bulk. This is great for people who simply need a way to write without the added flair. Other pens have the classic click-button mechanism, which reliably keeps the ink from drying out.

A huge factor when deciding on a pen is the ink. If you want color-coded notes, look for a pack with multiple colors to support your note-taking strategy. You could even go with a more whimsical option, opting for a glittery ink that makes your notes pop. Pen ink even comes in different consistencies, with gel pens being a popular option. Gel can offer a smooth flow of ink for a reliable stroke with every letter. These factors are a great thing to keep in mind while you hunt down your next favorite pen.

Expert Commentary

What you write with can be just as important as what you’re writing. Having a fun-looking rollerball pen can help children become more inspired to write, especially when they see how easily the gel ink glides across paper. These pens were chosen for their ease of use, their effectiveness at marking and their durability just in case they’re dropped.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.