The Best Reading Games

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The 32 double-sided flashcards each feature an image of an object, a 3-, 4- or 5-letter word that describes the object and a pictorial math equation for kids to count and solve. Kids will spell out and write the equation with 10 letter blocks, 20 number tiles and five mathematical symbol tiles that fit right into the game tray.

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Three card decks offer different levels of gameplay to allow kids to advance their skills as they become more familiar with basic phonics. Each deck contains 36 phoneme targets and over 100 vocabulary words to practice. To make the game more fun, 17 action cards change the gameplay.

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This game is great for early readers who may not recognize each word yet. The pictures paired with each word will challenge your child to recognize and learn new words while having a good time. There are also Zingo! versions that aim to teach your child about numbers and telling time.

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Silly Sentences was made with the help of early learning consultants and is meant to make your kids think about what they need to put a sentence together. The game also introduces longer words like “crocodile” with photos in case your child is not familiar with them.

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This game encourages your child to think about how words are spelled. However, you can rest easy knowing that the game isn’t too hard for your child; one of the cards will always have an image of the word it will ultimately make.

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If your child learns best by doing tactile tasks, this is the game for you. The motion of swatting the pieces will help them remember what the word is. The words in this game are the 220 Dolch sight words that your child will be learning in school, so if you’re looking to give them a leg up going into the school year, this is the product for you!

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This game is great for preschoolers who are learning to spell basic three- and four-letter words. In addition to teaching your child to spell, the game will introduce a hand-eye coordination task: turning the dice over to find the letter they are looking for.

What Our Expert Says

“Choosing the best reading games for your child comes down to a few factors,” licensed primary school teacher Kelsey Daubenmier says. “Having taught children who sit still versus move-and-do, understanding their learning styles is a very important consideration. Also, knowing which skills you are looking to work on with your child should drive your selection of educational games. In my experience, I have found making the game fun is more important than the game you select. Children who need to work on blending versus phonics will need different games but all can be enjoyed by your child.”