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The Best Portable Drawing Boards for Kids

Keeping kids occupied whether at home or while traveling on school field trips can be a tall order. But a drawing board offers endless hours of fun as children rely on a stylus, stamps or other tools to create unique drawings, designs and creations. They’re also great for practicing letters, numbers and shapes. Check out our top picks for the best portable drawing boards.

This kids’ drawing board comes with two styli, two stamps, and an 8.5 by 10-inch screen with a four-color background and magnetic brush for creating endless pictures. It’s easy to erase and highly durable, too.

Crayola’s kids’ drawing board comes with six mini gel markers and a removable black backdrop. While it requires three AA batteries that aren’t included, kids will love this pick because it allows them to create glow-in-the-dark designs.

The sturdy wooden construction on this kids’ drawing board makes it safe for use around small children. You’ll get clip grips, plastic trays, and a paper roll holder for endless fun.

Best Longevity

With this kids’ drawing board you’ll get everything you need for artistic fun, including magnets and cup holders. Kids will find the built-in tray that provides instant storage very useful. It’s easy to assemble, set up and store.

You’ll appreciate that this kids’ drawing board comes with a built-in chalkboard, a magnetic dry erase easel and three sunken paint pots. The sturdy easel is made from wood and adjusts for height.

Expert Commentary

A kids’ drawing board provides your child with a mess-free way to practice letters, doodle or make temporary sketches. Since drawing boards are easily erasable, you will find your children can be more experimental on one, allowing them to freely and fully explore their artistic potential. Also, if your child is a budding artist, then a long-lasting, reusable drawing board is a must-have, as it allows you to save on paper-based art supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do drawing boards help students learn?

Creative outlets are a great addition to the classroom. They can inspire creativity in students and give them a new level of excitement for learning. Drawing boards give kids the freedom to let their ideas run wild. With drawing boards, kids can do just about anything they can imagine. They can use it to draw their favorite animals or even work out math problems. With the endless possibilities to learn, drawing boards leave the door wide open for free-flowing ideas. After all, it is literally a blank canvas, ready to catch every bit of whimsy and fun a student has to offer.


How can teachers use drawing boards in the classroom?

Teachers can bring all sorts of tools and materials into the classroom to help students learn comfortably. Drawing boards are no exception. Teachers can use drawing boards to give students a more spacious way to draw and paint, without worrying about the limited space of regular paper. Some drawing boards offer a new and interesting twist in their designs, with cool features that make drawing mess-free and fun. No matter what design a teacher uses, drawing boards have something to offer to a student’s learning experience. 

Buying Guide

With so many options to choose from, picking just one drawing board can be overwhelming. When you’re looking for a new drawing board for the home or the classroom, think about its different features and how they suit your needs. Some feature a standard easel-type design that is simple and easy for students to use. Others have magnetic pens that draw with magnetic powder behind a screen. Each of these unique designs is great for learning and drawing, but one might suit you and your children better. Whatever your specific needs, find a drawing board that lends itself to convenience and an educational experience. 


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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.