The Best Pocket Tissue Packs

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This pack includes a tissue pack with 10 tissues, and the pack measures about 4 inches by 2 inches. These bamboo tissues are sustainably produced, since bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, and they are naturally hypoallergenic. The tissues are also free from fragrances, bleach and more.

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These compact tissue packs come in a set of 100, giving you a substantial tissue supply. Each pack contains six tissues that are thick and soft. This is a great way to stock up the classroom or household around cold and flu season since the tiny packs easily fit in pockets, backpacks, desks and coats.

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These tissues are two-ply to keep runny noses — and hands — dry, perfect for allergies, cold season or any time your little one gets a runny nose. Keep your children motivated with the adorable inspirational quotes on each of the eight travel packs. Each pack has a different saying. Every pack contains 10 tissues, for a total of 80 tissues in the entire case. Plus, the slim design makes these perfect for slipping in pant pockets, exterior backpack pockets or even purses.

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We like that these Medline facial tissues are three-ply, giving you more protection against runny noses and sneezes. Plus, you get 100 individual packs, making these a great option for parents stocking up at the beginning of the year. These packs are also some of the smallest options, measuring just 2 by 3 inches.

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These Puffs to-go packs each include 10 individual tissues and are packaged in a slim, longline style that’s perfect to slip into a pocket or backpack. You and your children will appreciate the resealable packaging.

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We like that these tissue packs can also double as party favors thanks to the stylish floral designs on the packaging. These packs are resealable and include 10 tissues in each.

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While this option has the lowest number of tissues per pack, on a per-unit price it’s the best option. Plus, these tissues are four-ply for the best protection against moisture.

Expert Commentary

My grandma taught me to never leave the house without tissue — and boy has that advice paid off! You never know when sniffles or spills may occur and you must always be prepared with a tissue, especially for parents — there is never enough tissue and paper products to keep up with little ones! These pocket tissues are portable and some even have fun designs on them.