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The Best Narrow Highlighters

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Once your children enter middle school, the time to focus becomes even more important. Homework starts to become substantial, and children may find themselves reading deeply, scanning timelines or vocabulary lists, or flipping through notes. It’s time to invest in a good set of highlighters. Specifically, you’ll need narrow highlighters that allow for precise marks so middle schoolers and high schoolers can easily separate the essential information from other details that may not be as important.

Top Pick

These narrow highlighters come with caps that feature a built-in clip. You’ll get a smudge-free chisel tip that can underline passages, highlight or take a quick note.

Most Economical

This set of five narrow highlighters features five different colors with a chisel tip that can underline, highlight or be used for writing.

This narrow highlighter set comes with six colors and two highlighters per color. The design is intended to help reduce hand fatigue. There’s a built-in clip on the cap.

Thanks to the eraser tip on these highlighters, you can easily remove any highlight and don’t have to worry about getting charged by the school. This kids’ narrow highlighters set includes six pens.

This set of narrow highlighters includes a mild gray hue, which is definitely a departure from traditional highlighters. You can also use these for coloring and art projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can highlighters be used in the classroom?

Having extra tools in the classroom can help ensure the success of young students. When students have everything they need at their disposal, they can feel more prepared to take on their classwork. By having highlighters in the classroom, teachers can help kids stay on top of their learning. Teachers can use highlighters to teach kids strong note-taking strategies to set them up for success. Using highlighters in the classroom can help kids organize their notes and get the most out of their time at school. Teachers can even set up lessons where they have kids highlight key phrases in articles and other class documents, teaching them how to sort out the key information in a text.

How can kids use highlighters to learn?

Keeping organized is crucial for students of all ages. In school, kids have a lot of information to sort through, especially when they have multiple classes to juggle. Highlighters can take some pressure off young students by helping them pick out important phrases and information. Students can even use different colors to organize information, practicing strong strategies for studying and taking notes. By using highlighters, kids can learn to organize their thoughts and take notes more efficiently. On top of that, highlighting important notes can make studying more manageable by letting kids focus on only what is necessary.

Buying Guide

There are lots of different types of highlighters for kids to use, whether for taking notes or studying. With so many different choices, it can be tough to find the perfect one. Consider how each option and its unique features suit your children to make sure you pick out the best highlighter for them.

You can get highlighters in a variety of colors or stick with the classic vibrant yellow. If your children would benefit from color-coded notes, getting multiple colors can be a big help to their studying. Other kids like to keep it simple with just one color, so think about how your children study to pick out the highlighters that would help them most.

There are also highlighters with innovative twists on the classic design, bringing an added element of utility. Some highlighters have transparent tips that let kids see exactly what they are highlighting. Others have erasable ink, so kids can fix accidental marks and mistakes. These unique features can make a big difference for kids and their learning experience, so making your choice based on their learning needs plays a large role in assisting their education.

Expert Commentary

It’s important to ensure that kids have all the materials they’ll need to make learning easier. Among these tools are narrow highlighters that they can use to emphasize phrases or words without the ink bleeding over to the previous sentence. Narrow highlighters should be easy to use and mark text well without smudges.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.