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The Best Metal Desk Organizers for Kids

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It’s been proven that clutter makes it harder for people to concentrate. And this includes children, who have difficulty staying on track in rooms loaded with visual stimuli One way to help your kid keep their learning space in order is with a desk organizer. Whether you opt for something fun and whimsical or prefer a more practical and traditional option, we’ve rounded up some of the top options to keep your child’s workspace free of clutter.

This kids’ desk organizer measures 11.5 inches wide, 4.8 inches tall and 2.75 inches deep, with a center compartment that’s big enough to hold an older kid’s phone. You’ll appreciate that it’s ready to use straight out of the box and no assembly is required.

Each of these bookends are made from iron and have nonskid pads on the bottom to avoid scratching surfaces. You can also use them to keep movies, games and other media in order.

The metal kids desk organizer measures 5.7 inches wide, 5.1 inches tall and 2.5 inches deep. The metal barrel has plenty of space for pens, pencils and other essential school supplies, like scissors.

The simple design on this kids’ desk organizer works for virtually all setups and decor schemes. It measures 3.9 inches tall by 3.1 inches wide and deep. It can hold up to 20 pencils.

Expert Commentary

While keeping an organized desk might not occur naturally to your child, or offer any seemingly practical benefits, still there are plenty of advantages to doing it. Keeping a clutter-free desk removes unnecessary distractions so kids can have better focus on the task at hand, encourages them to sit with a correct posture, and keeps all the books and stationery in their dedicated place for easier navigation. You can place these desk organizers on a kid’s desk as they are very compact in size and have a kid-friendly adorable appearance that seamlessly blends with the overall aesthetic of a child’s workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can desk organizers help kids learn?

Making sure kids have the tools they need to succeed is important for their learning experience. Keeping a tidy and organized desk space can be extremely helpful for kids who have trouble keeping track of their things. Desk organizers offer a clean, simple way to keep desk essentials all in one spot. By keeping the desk organized, kids can focus on what matters most, without having to worry about where their pens and pencils are. Desk organizers help kids learn by making sure they always have exactly what they need when they need it. Taking out that small roadblock can make learning that much easier for kids, helping their productivity.

How can desk organizers be used in and out of the classroom?

In the classroom, being organized is important. Teachers can use desk organizers in the classroom to give class materials a consistent home so students never have to rummage around to find what they need. This can make a big difference for kids and their learning experience, taking away the guesswork when they need something in the classroom. At home, desk organizers can help kids have a dedicated workspace that supports their homework routine. When kids have an easy way to keep track of their materials at home, it can make sitting down for homework a little easier and limit distractions. Whether at home or in the classroom, desk organizers can help keep kids on top of their education. 

Buying Guide

Desk organizers come in a whole slew of shapes, sizes and materials. For teachers and households on a budget, a metal desk organizer is a durable option that will last year after year, but you’ll also want to consider what it can hold. Each design offers a unique way of storing everything from pens to paper clips. While you check out your options, think about what your child needs to hone in on the perfect choice.

There are designs with large compartments for things like paper and other craft materials. These can be a great choice for kids who like to make crafts for fun and for class. Other options have a lot of smaller compartments, which are perfect for small items like pencils and erasers. Consider what your child uses the most for school, guiding you to the design that best suits their needs. There are also options with multiple tiers and layers, giving a whole new dimension to staying organized. If your child has a lot of materials to work with, having a desk organizer that supports their collection of tools can be a big help to keeping track of everything they need. By keeping these subtle things in mind, you can quickly pick out the best option for your child and their educational needs.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.