The Best Label-Makers

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Phomemo labels can fit multiple lines of text, including barcodes and QR codes. The printer uses thermal printing instead of ink and the paper holder is designed to prevent paper jams. This is an ideal pick for use in the classroom or for organizing items in a home office.

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Simply create your label in the app and send it to the device for instant printing. There are various fonts, symbols, layouts, styles and colors to choose from, making this a fun option for making cute and wacky labels for the classroom.

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The Brother label-maker comes with a qwerty keyboard and can print vertically and horizontally. Note that you’ll need six AAA batteries to power this device.

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You’ll like that this label-maker offers 200 symbols and clip art in addition to 20 different ways to format text. You can also type quickly with the qwerty keyboard. We like that this pick saves battery life by automatically powering off.

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We like that this label-maker can be used with thermal paper and can accept imported files from popular programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Google Contacts.

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The Epson label-maker prints with smaller margins, ensuring that you’ll get up to 62% less waste with every printed label you create. This pick requires six AA batteries.

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This speedy label-maker prints as fast as 30 millimeters per second. But you’ll like that this pick is Bluetooth compatible and can be controlled through a proprietary Apple or Android app.

Expert Commentary

For the teacher, student, parent, worker and anyone looking to stay organized — these label-makers are for you. Whether you are labeling household items or taking inventory of supplies, the list is endless in terms of how you can use this device. Choose the speed, design and functionality you need. If you are a small-business owner, school administrator or a heavy label-user, make sure you optimize for quality and speed. Casual users can opt for the more basic versions.