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The Best Classroom Paint for Your Little Artists

Artist paint brushes and paint cans of paint over bright watercolor background

Painting is a classic pastime for children — especially in school. And as an art teacher, whether homeschooling or in a traditional school environment, it’s your responsibility to make sure that there are plenty of paint supplies on deck to keep little ones engaged and to encourage their creativity. Check out these top picks for classroom paint supplies.

This classroom paint set comes with nine colors that are highly-pigmented and washable. Each hue is ready to pour and can be easily cleaned up with just a bit of water.

Children will like having their own dedicated classroom paint set and the fact that this kit comes with a paintbrush too. You’ll get primary and secondary colors plus black and white, all perfect for blending.

You’ll get white, black, red, yellow, blue and green classroom paint with this pick. This tempera paint is water-based and ready to use straight from the bottle.

Top Pick

This classroom paint set features metallic hues like gold and silver as well as neon and glitter options. These washable paints can be used straight from the bottle with easels, rollers, sponges and even fingers.

This eight-pack of classroom paint is full of bold hues that will provide hours of creative fun at a good value. Tempera paint is a child-friendly option because it’s easy to clean while it’s still wet — just use a little bit of water to wipe it away.

Expert Commentary

There are numerous scientifically-backed benefits of painting for a child’s mental and physical development, such as improving hand-eye coordination, helping them understand the distinctions between various colors, shapes, and patterns, and building decision-making skills. Classroom paints are also thoroughly fun. They allow kids to be somewhat messy and creative, and provide them the opportunity to express themselves through art.

What can paint bring to the classroom?

Helping kids feel creative in the classroom can make learning more fun for them, so finding a way to foster their creativity is an important part of the job for teachers. Having paints in the classroom is one way to bring some creative inspiration into the learning environment, letting kids’ minds run free. They give students the chance to interact with colors in a physical way, building their understanding while keeping class time fun. Classroom paints can bring a whole new aura of excitement and positivity to the classroom with their limitless creative potential and freedom.


What makes classroom paint good for teachers?

Finding a balance between fun and learning is a key for teachers, and it is important to get that balance just right. Classroom paints can offer a strong balance between the two. It can be used as a teaching tool for just about anything a teacher can think of, so fitting it into lessons is easy. On top of that, a lot of classroom paints are easy to clean up, leaving the classroom clean and sparkling day after day. 


What can classroom paint teach kids?

With painting, the opportunities for learning are nothing short of expansive. The first lessons that come to mind might be colors and shapes, but there are so many more ways to teach with paint. The process of painting relies on a steady hand and patience, which are good skills for kids to develop. Using paint also takes some forethought, from visualizing an idea to planning its elements. This can help kids develop their creative thinking and planning abilities, which gives them an overall boost to their thoughtfulness and problem-solving. 


How can classroom paint make teaching easier?

For some students, having a form of direct interaction with their lessons can be a big help to fully understand their schoolwork. Memorizing things like colors and which ones mix together can be tricky for some kids, and paint can help with that. Paint lets kids mix colors as they choose, so they can immediately see what mixes together to make new colors. To take it a step further, kids could even try mixing their favorite color. Having a personalized challenge can give a kid that extra boost of excitement to learn and succeed.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.