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The Best Art Frames

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Drawing, coloring and painting are common pastimes for children both in art class and at home. And after they make their latest creation, they expect you to showcase it with pride — even if you’re not quite sure what they drew. So, let your child know that you’re proud of their artwork by picking up a frame that’s designed to fully protect their masterpiece from damage or fading.

Without the mat boards, these picture frames can accommodate paper or photos as large as 11 inches by 14 inches. The frame contains tempered glass which is safe and durable.

Best For Vertical Art

You also can remove the mat board and use the full 10-by 12.5-inch display. Thanks to the elastic interior straps, papers stay put once they’ve been inserted in the picture frame.

The two picture frames in this pack are white, which helps them to blend into a range of decor schemes. They also have an easy-open front that makes adding or removing artwork convenient.

These picture frames are designed to be mounted on a wall or displayed on a tabletop in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can document frames be used at home?

As a parent, watching your children grow is one of the best feelings on the planet. Being able to keep pieces of their schoolwork and accomplishments is a great way to look back and cherish the memories of their early years. Document frames can keep everything from childhood drawings to special certificates safe and clean. Parents can keep records of their children’s accomplishments on display with document frames, giving them a sense of pride in their children every time they look at it. Document frames come in all shapes and sizes, so parents can proudly display the hard work of their children in a stylish way.

What can kids do with document frames?

Giving kids a sense of pride in their work can be a big boost to their confidence as a student. Young kids are wells of imagination, and they can create just about anything. Kids can use document frames to display their drawings and crafts. Using document frames, kids can add an extra finishing touch to their drawings. Some frames are decorative, so kids can use a frame that suits them and their drawings. Kids can even use document frames to give their parents a heartfelt gift, handmade by them. Whether it’s for displaying their work or for making a gift, kids can use document frames to add that finishing touch to their artwork.

Buying Guide

Document frames come in so many designs, shapes and sizes. Each type of document frame has its own unique advantages and characteristics. Keep in mind how each design fits your children and their learning goals to make sure you get the best fit for them.

There are simple frames that offer a minimalist touch to any room, giving the artwork the room to shine. Other frames have a more decorative twist, from simple patterns to flashy colors. Decorative options are great for kids who really want to let their personalities glow. There are also document frames with different inlays, giving an extra flair to whatever is inside. Some frames even have different mounting options, so you can put all sorts of artwork and school projects up for display. While looking through your options, consider what you and your child can use them for to get the best possible fit.

Expert Commentary

Document frames have several uses, but one of the best ways to utilize them is for showcasing your child’s artwork or doodles. These frames were chosen for how easy they are to mount and their versatile design. If you want a simple and convenient way to display your kids’ or students’ artwork, check out these frames.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.