The Best Adventure Series Books

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This series is action-packed, thrilling and funny, and is sure to entertain and engage young readers. Theodore Boone is the son of two lawyers, and wants to be a lawyer himself. At only 13, it seems he can’t do much, but Theodore finds a way to get in on big cases and solve some mysteries for himself. This is a great six-book series for children who love thrilling dramas and interesting mysteries.

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“Holes” follows main character Stanley, who was sent to a boys’ detention center called Camp Green Lake. Interestingly, there is no real lake at the camp — only a dried-up lake where the boys spend their days digging holes. But why? Soon, Stanley and his friends begin to uncover a mystery that is sure to captivate young readers.

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In this series, 12-year-old Percy discovers his father is the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon. Legendary Greek monsters are around every turn, and Percy has newfound powers he can’t control. He seeks the safety of Camp Half-Blood, a camp full of kids just like Percy. Soon, Percy is leading his campmates on quests to defeat monsters and save the world. This series is not just about superpowers, it’s also about finding belonging and using one’s special powers to make a difference in the world.

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The story features Rusty, a housecat who wanders into the woods to discover an entirely different world. Four clans of cats have ruled the forest for generations. However, the dark ShadowClan is beginning to challenge Rusty’s adopted clan, ThunderClan, threatening war and chaos.

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The young dragonets are destined to bring an end to the war but are raised in captivity by a group called the Talons of Peace. What will happen when they escape and go on a quest to find their families?

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The seven-book series follows the young wizard Harry Potter’s education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as tensions grow between the forces of good in the wizarding world and the Dark Lord, who plays an ominous role in Harry’s past.

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If you’re looking for an easier read for your child, this is the choice for you! Your child will love exploring the world and history with Jack and Annie in these short, easy-to-digest books, and you’ll love that they are learning while doing it.

Expert Commentary

“Fostering a love of reading is a goal in my house and classroom,” Kelsey Daubenmier, a licensed primary-school teacher, says. “We have found box sets to be a great way to get a child hooked and looking to dig into the next book. Success in reading is one of the biggest predictors of a child’s overall success in school.”