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Test Their Skills with a 3D Puzzle

Some kids really love puzzles. But if your children are getting bored with traditional jigsaw puzzles, why not put their skills to the test with a 3D puzzle? As the name implies, these multi-dimensional puzzles don’t just sit flat on a table. Children (and adults!) work to put together buildings, globes and more as they not only consider which pieces fit together, but also how to erect a shape. Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are honed, all while having fun!

This kids’ 3D puzzle comes with four animal puzzles and 12 pen markers. It’s perfect for kids as young as 7. You’ll get a butterfly, horse, elephant and goose puzzle in this pick.

This kids’ 3D puzzle globe not only shows the continents and countries but also includes iconic animals and landmarks from various regions of the world. This puzzle is good for kids 7 and older.

This kids’ 3D puzzle comes with six sea animals which include a shark, clownfish, sea turtle, dolphin, octopus and a seahorse. Kids will love seeing the sea creatures come to life.

We like that this kids’ 3D puzzle is designed to be a perfect replica of the U.S. Capitol. The set comes fully ready to assemble with sturdy foam pieces for added stability.

This kids’ 3D puzzle features a red dragon guarding an egg. According to Bepuzzled, this has a difficulty level of three out of three, which is why we think it’s best for older kids.

Expert Commentary

If your child is a “puzzler” like mine are, the extra challenge of a 3D puzzle may be just what they need. These fun puzzle options introduce a new element to the puzzle assembly process and are great picks for kids who are fans of building with blocks or Legos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can kids learn from playing with 3D puzzles?

Puzzles can be a great way for kids to build their problem-solving and critical thinking skills while playing and having fun. Classic puzzles can teach kids about everything from animals to planets, with vibrant pictures just about any kid can enjoy. But 3D puzzles can take the learning opportunities of classic jigsaws to another level. For example, kids can learn about the Earth with puzzles, teaching them to place countries on the globe. 

3D puzzles can also teach kids to approach problems with curiosity, driving them to think from different perspectives. From geography to brain teasers, there are so many ways kids can learn with 3D puzzles. 

How can 3D puzzles be used in the classroom?

Toys can be a great learning tool in the classroom, especially when they are geared towards teaching in a fun way.

Teachers can use 3D puzzles to challenge their students, giving them a tricky brain teaser to figure out. They can even be used to teach kids to work together by using teamwork to solve a puzzle as a class. 

Not only can puzzles be fun for kids to play with, but the reward of solving a tricky puzzle can be great for kids and their confidence. Teachers can encourage their students to think critically by offering a reward for solving a puzzle, making a light-hearted game out of practicing important life skills.

Buying Guide

With so many types of 3D puzzles for kids to play with, picking out just one can be tricky. Whether you are a teacher or a parent, keeping the educational needs of your children in mind can help guide you to the best puzzle for them to enjoy. 

Some puzzles can teach kids about the world and its geography, giving kids the opportunity to build their understanding with hands-on practice. Other 3D puzzles are more abstract, forcing kids to think outside the box to find a solution. Both can be great teaching tools, but one type of puzzle might suit your children better than others. 

There are also puzzles that give kids something to build, like popular landmarks and buildings. These sets can help kids recognize and learn about important buildings around the world by physically interacting with them. 

Some puzzles have kids build animals or fantasy creatures, so you can find one that matches your kid’s personality and interests. By giving kids something familiar to play with, they can get excited about solving the puzzle to make their favorite animal. Whether your kid loves dragons or dolphins, you can find a puzzle for them to love and learn from. 

When you keep your child’s learning needs in mind, you can start narrowing down your options and find the one that will bring the best out of your child and their creativity. Giving kids a way to practice their problem-solving skills is important, and finding a puzzle they will enjoy can help them stay engaged and driven to learn.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.