Strengthen Vocabulary with These Spelling Puzzles

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There are 60 3- and 4-letter words children can practice with this game. The cards have the word beneath each picture, but when placed in the slot, the word is concealed.

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Each of the words in this set is a familiar object that children can easily identify by the picture, helping them learn basic words ranging from three to five letters long.

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We like that with this puzzle spelling toy you also get a wooden crate with organizing slots to hold the boards and individual letter pieces. Each board has letter cutouts and a word image.

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This puzzle spelling toy introduces kids to simple three- and four-letter words while also helping to build literacy and confidence with words.

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We like that this puzzle spelling toy includes three and four-letter words. As is common, each completed puzzle also features the corresponding image for better cognition.

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As is common, this puzzle spelling toy includes three- and four-letter words with their corresponding images. You’ll get 10 puzzles each of three- and four-letter words.

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With this puzzle spelling toy you’ll get 52 wooden letters and 28 cards. Each card features an outline of the word along with a corresponding image to reinforce memory and cognition.

Expert Commentary

Word puzzles can improve your child’s vocabulary and their retention of spelling rules. Plus, they make learning fun and entertaining for little ones. In an increasingly digital era when kids spend hours in front of the TV or their mobile devices, these puzzles might even get them off their gadgets and help limit screen time.