Store Your Precious Memories in These Photo Books

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This album is great for baby boys or baby girls. It has a 3-by-4-inch slot for a cover photo and room for 200 4-by-6 photos, as well as eight blank lines next to each photo for writing notes.

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This photo album is available in seven colors and features a leatherette cover. It is a three-ring binder album, so you can easily add refill pages.

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You can use gel pens on this photo book to write notes and preserve memories. We also like that this flip photo book can be tied closed with a large, sturdy ribbon.

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While we love that this photo book can store up to 200 pictures, we did notice that the preset designs on each page are best matched with pictures that are shot in landscape mode.

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We like that this photo book comes with a white metallic marker pen and allows you to showcase a photo on the front cover. You can store up to 120 pictures in this photo book.

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We like the faux-leather PVC cover on this photo book and that you can choose between a few different colors and sizes.

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This photo book measures 14 inches long, 13 inches wide and 2 inches thick. This option can accommodate 4 x 6 photos and includes transparent pockets to keep them safe.

Expert Commentary

Photo books are great for yourself and to gift to loved ones! What better way to commemorate special memories than to create a personalized photo book? My mother-in-law creates a new one every year, and I like to gift these to family and friends so they can store their own memories.