Store Random Items in These Wooden Storage Boxes

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This 11-by-8-by-4.5-inch box is ideal for any clutter that doesn’t have a home. Plus, the lid can double as a tray.

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Measuring roughly 10 by 8 by 4.5 inches, this box doesn’t take up too much room, but is great for storing smaller keepsakes. It’s made of durable wood and is available in brown or blue finishes.

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The removable tray in this wooden storage box is perfect for smaller items. We also liked that the main compartment has partitions so you can stay organized.

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This wooden storage box is large enough to store mail, measuring 10 inches long, 8 inches wide and 5 inches tall.

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The Darice wooden storage box measures 12 inches wide, 9.2 inches deep and 3.4 inches tall. We think it’s perfect for creating a custom gift box for a loved one.

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This wooden storage box is perfect for smaller spaces. It measures 6 inches wide, 4 inches deep and 2.5 inches tall.

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This wooden storage box is a smaller option, measuring 6.46 inches wide, 5.06 inches deep and 3.08 inches tall.

Expert Commentary

Don’t let clutter be your enemy. Organize your classroom or home with these classic, elegant storage boxes. These discrete boxes will store anything from pictures and homework papers to gadgets and random items that lay loose around your room. You can even choose options that are unstained so you can paint or decorate over them. These are great for classrooms. offices, homes and wherever else you may need some elegant storage.