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Stay Organized with These Magnetic Compartment Boxes


There’s nothing more frustrating than losing small items in the classroom or around the house. While you can always rely on a junk drawer in your desk to store small random items, it’s even better if you can keep the items organized in a more orderly fashion. Enter the magnetic compartment box. You can store and sort small items into the various compartments, making it easier to find things at a later date. These are great for helping students stay organized, too.

We like that both of these magnetic compartment boxes are perfect for placing on your desktop or attaching to a locker door to help maximize space.

You’ll get nine smaller sections in this magnetic compartment box that’s large enough to store pens, pencils, standard school supplies and even extra charging cables for devices.

You’ll get two roomy sections in this magnetic compartment box that can even hold a whiteboard eraser. This pick is available in four colors: blue, green, yellow and white.

We like that this magnetic compartment box has two wider slots for larger items like calculators and a smaller compartment for pens and pencils.

This magnetic compartment box has three roomy sections that are perfect for pens, pencils and other standard school supplies. It’s even ideal for teachers to use for whiteboard supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can magnetic compartment boxes help kids in school?
Staying on top of school can seem like a lot to handle at times, especially for younger students. Finding ways to help kids manage their schoolwork and materials can make that task a lot simpler. One way kids can make sure they have their ducks in a row is with magnetic compartment boxes.

Having a way to store things like pencils, erasers and notecards can help kids focus on their learning. Staying organized takes out the guesswork for young students since they’ll always know where to get the things they need to succeed. Most kids know the struggle of coming to class or sitting down for homework and realizing they don’t have a pencil. With compartment boxes, students can rely on having their materials on hand when they need them.

How can teachers use magnetic compartment boxes in the classroom?
Keeping the classroom a tidy space is one big way that teachers can help students in their educational journey. By providing consistent access to classroom materials, teachers can lift some barriers for students. Magnetic compartment boxes can help the classroom stay neat and accessible.

Teachers can organize different materials in separate boxes to make sure kids know where their materials are when they need to use them. Magnetic boxes can also help teachers attach labels to the bins so kids can see where different supplies are. Not only can labels help kids find the tools they need, but they can keep the classroom organized by showing kids where to put things when they’re done. From accessibility to cleanup, magnetic compartment boxes can bring a lot of convenience to the classroom for teachers and students alike.

Buying Guide

Magnetic compartment boxes have a lot to offer for students in and out of the classroom. There are so many options out there for students to use, the designs are practically endless. Before you make your decision, think about how each box can support your kids and their learning styles.

There are a bunch of variations to look at, each offering a different twist in its design. Some designs are minimal, with a compact footprint to prevent clutter. Others have a large layout with lots of compartments, which can be great for kids who have a lot of art supplies. Both can be helpful in their own ways, so picking the one that your child will get the most out of is key. There are also compartment boxes that mount to the desk or the wall, keeping the top of the desk clear and mess-free.

Whether your child needs something to organize their desk or their locker, you can find the right option by considering their specific needs while looking at each option. With the right organizer, kids can keep their supplies neatly sorted in the way that works best for them and their learning. By keeping these factors in mind, you can find the perfect fit for them in no time.

Expert Commentary

Magnetic compartment boxes are a good way to help students learn organization skills. Whether creating storage space in a locker, at students’ desks, in a classroom or at home, these picks are reliable options that will help you and your children or students stay organized.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.