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Stay Connected on the Go with These Portable Monitors

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These days, with all the handheld tech devices at our disposal for remote learning and studying, it’s not surprising that sometimes you just need a bigger screen. If you have the desk space, maybe you don’t want to complete an assignment on your tablet or phone when you can use a portable monitor instead. We’re highlighting a few great choices for portable monitors that give you or the student in your life the proper screen space without all the bulk.

We like that this portable monitor measures 15.6 inches wide and has a great resolution at 1366 x 768. You’ll also appreciate that it’s USB-powered so you don’t have to look for an outlet.

As is fairly common with portable monitors, you’ll get a smart cover and a screen protector to safeguard your investment. You also get USB-C and HDMI mini ports.

You’ll like that this portable monitor has a 15.6-inch viewing screen and is powered via a single USB 3.0 cable. It also has 1080p resolution and an auto-rotating display.

We like that this portable monitor can be used in portrait or landscape mode. It also offers 1080p resolution and is powered via USB. A nice plus is that it has built-in speakers.

For as slim as this portable monitor is, you still get a built-in speaker, a USB-C port, HDMI mini port and a power port. The resolution is 1080p

Expert Commentary

With their slim and lightweight design, portable monitors can keep up with your student’s on-the-go lifestyle and expand his screen space without having to plug into an AC wall outlet. These monitors are convenient to use as you only need to connect them to your device’s USB or HDMI port. They also feature high-definition resolution for the finest viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can kids benefit from using portable monitors?

Many classes take the online approach to teaching, so kids spend a lot of time on computers. Having access to a computer to do schoolwork is sometimes a necessity. With portable monitors, kids can access their assignments and study wherever they go. They can even bring them to class to take notes or work on their homework. 

Portable monitors can make learning more accessible for kids, bringing them the benefits of a computer with the convenience of a tablet. Plus, having a slim monitor to bring to class can cut down on the unruly number of notebooks kids would use otherwise. Students can even sort their digital notes in different folders to keep things organized and neat.

How can teachers use portable monitors to help kids learn?

Making the classroom a better place to learn is a goal so many teachers share. Giving students better tools to use in class can play a big role in helping kids learn. 

With portable monitors, teachers can give kids a more interactive way to study that is entertaining as it is helpful. Teachers can give kids portable monitors to use in class, so they can interact with assignments and study materials online. Teachers can even put different learning games on the monitors for students to play, making practice fun. 

With the versatility of portable monitors, there’s almost nothing teachers can’t do.

Buying Guide

Portable monitors can be a great choice for kids, giving them an easier way to look at their school work or do research for a class. But there are a lot of different designs out there for kids to enjoy, so picking the right one can be tough. While you look around at your choices, weigh out the options based on their overall design and how they support a child in their educational journey. 

Some portable monitors are similar to tablets, giving kids a touchscreen to work with instead of a mouse and keyboard. Touchscreens can be great for portability, taking away the need for a mouse. Other portable monitors have a keyboard that folds up, so kids can set up their own little study station on the go. 

There are also portable monitors that take a different approach to portability, acting as a second monitor for a laptop or tablet. That makes it easy for kids to bring their computer setup everywhere they go without sacrificing the convenience of having multiple monitors. 

Aside from design features, different options also have their own specifications. Finding a portable monitor with strong specs can help kids learn reliably without the monitor slowing them down. There are also monitors with sharp HD displays so kids can look at the world in more detail. 

Keeping in mind how each of these unique features can benefit children in their learning experience, carefully consider each option and think about how it suits education. Portable monitors can be great learning tools, and finding the best one for your children can ensure they get the most out of it.

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Melissa holds a doctorate in pharmacy and is a home educator, co-teaching a high school chemistry class and a primary school class. Having taught two of her own children to read, write and traverse Singapore Math, Melissa has spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours researching and testing curriculum.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.