She Appears Interested. Are I Blind into the Indications?

Reader matter:

Maybe i am blind, but a girl I’m interested in seems to be interested in me. I get the lightweight coming in contact with, big vision, etc. Whenever she messages, she will usually send smiley faces right at the end. The issue is we work for similar business, different divisions. She said she’s going to maybe not date a co-worker, not too our company is in reality. She actually mentioned she’s very particular about exactly who she lets into her private existence right after which i’d like to in.

Was i simply a sluggish, dimwitted guy that is blind toward indications?

-Nick (Colorado)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:


You may be slow or maybe she actually is providing you with a lot of blended signals you can’t generate heads or tails from it. So, to be of assistance, I produced a careful variety of every indicators as well as their potential definition:

1. Lightweight coming in contact with — great indication she actually is curious.

2. Big eyes — When the eye contact persists significantly more than two seconds, she’s literally keen on you.

3. Smiley confronts when she texts — indicates nothing. Females utilize emoticons operating and delight just as.

4. She said she will perhaps not date a co-worker — It merely means she actually is attempting to explain to you she has ethics and could need assistance in negotiating the woman limits. I would bring this subject up once again.

5. Informs you she doesn’t let lots of people into the woman exclusive life and then let you in — You’re in!

My personal advice. Go gradually. Remain buddies for a while. When in question, chat (maybe not text!) about this. Good-luck!

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