Shallow Document Cases for Better Organization

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These colorful bins have hinged lids, a secure clasp and an integrated handle. They can easily be stacked. These measure 15.25 by 13.25 by 3.25 inches, so they can fit oversized paper and documents.

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This six-pack of clear bins are stackable and can fit standard 8.5-by-11 paper with a bit of extra room to spare. They’re only 3.25 inches high, so they’re easy to store.

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These shallow document cases are available in three colors: clear, blue and green. We also like that they have a sturdy snap closure for better durability. These cases can also be stacked.

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These slim, shallow document cases feature sturdy snap closures and are clear for easy identification. We like that they’re also waterproof and dustproof so you have better peace of mind.

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As is standard, these shallow document cases come with two snap closures on each case and can accommodate 8.5- by 11-inch paperwork.

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This two-pack set of clear, shallow document cases with snap closures measures three-quarters of an inch thick and can accommodate paperwork measuring 8.5 by 11 inches.

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These shallow document cases are easy to hold but can also be stored in a backpack or desk drawer. The cases are great for crafters since they can also store craft supplies.

Expert Commentary

For medium to lesser quantity documents, photos and files, these are a must. I personally use these to organize and store my annual tax returns, since the IRS recommends you keep at least seven years of historical returns. These are also durable, easy to clean, store and open and close. You can even use these to package gifts or store things besides papers. There are endless uses for these so pick up a pack today!