Reach Up to the Sky with These Bubble Wands

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This is a wonderful bulk buy for classrooms, summer parties or just to keep on hand at home for extra fun. The wands can make large bubbles that kids will love.

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Children will love playing with this wand that releases bubbles at the touch of a button. It includes bubble solution and is easy to refill once it runs out.

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With all the various bubble wands in this set you’ll have endless hours of fun. Note, though, that this pick doesn’t come with bubble solution, so you’ll need to supply that independently.

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Another nice aspect of this bubble wand kit is that it also comes with a “tips and tricks” booklet to help you master the art of making massive bubbles.

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Note that this bubble wand set also doesn’t come with bubble solution. But the included trays are extra-large so that they can hold plenty of solution. The textured wand handles are perfect for little hands.

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You’ll like that this bubble wand gun features child-safe EVA-foam blades that can’t hurt little hands that go exploring. We also like that there’s a non-slip handle.

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This battery-powered bubble wand measures 12.5 inches tall and is the perfect size for children to grasp. Note that it requires three AA batteries to work.

Expert Commentary

Bubble wands are must-haves for outdoor play or even for teaching science lessons in the classroom. They are fun and easy to use. Best of all, blowing bubbles is entertaining for children of all ages. Wands come in different varieties, which determine the amount and size of the bubbles they produce. Choose the best one that can keep your kids happy and entertained.