Puzzle Activity Books to Keep Kids Occupied

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This is a fantastic challenge for kids ages 7-11 years old. Each type of puzzle is sure to work children’s brains as they play with numbers, codes, pictures and more. With this book, kids won’t run out of new puzzles to try for a while.

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Designed for kids ages 6-10 years old, this book has 144 pages of activities that stimulate the brain while providing some fun. The many types of puzzles, riddles, mazes and other activities included in this book will ensure that kids don’t get bored quickly.

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This puzzle activity book is 256 pages long and is designed to improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills all while children have fun. We like the full-color interior, too.

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The colorful illustrations in this puzzle activity book are designed to keep young kids engaged while also sharpening their reasoning and deductive skills.

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This puzzle activity book is a great way to improve a child’s concentration and fine motor skills all while having fun. Plus, the uniquely designed mazes will help to keep kids engaged.

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This puzzle activity book includes connect-the-dots, word searches, puzzles, mazes, matching games and more for endless hours of amusement.

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This puzzle activity book will help improve cognitive skills including long-term and working memory, executive functioning, attention to detail, multitasking and processing speed.

Expert Commentary

Puzzle books are an excellent way to entertain and educate your child simultaneously! This is a difficult era of competing with screens, but the need for pen and paper will never go away. These books are bound to engage your child’s brain in a fun way, triggering their concentration, pattern recognition and critical thinking. Get a pack for your kids today!