Make That Cup of Coffee Pop with These Personalized Mugs

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This color-your-own-mug kit is probably best reserved for adult supervision since the mug has to be baked in the oven after you or your child finishes painting it.

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Even though you’ll need to provide your own crayons or markers, this color-your-own-mug kit is fun for younger children thanks to the adorable designs that include frogs, fish and butterflies.

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Although this color-your-own-mug kit doesn’t come with markers, we do like that even if you feel a little lazy and choose not to even color the mug, you still get a beautiful design.

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This mess-free option is ideal for parents who want a project with a little less mess. Each tumbler holds 10 ounces of liquid.

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We like that this kit features a fun, whimsical floral design and comes with paint pots as well as a paintbrush so you’re ready to go once you open the box.

Expert Commentary

Hate when others drink out of your mug because it’s identical to every other mug in the kitchen? Spice up your mug life with these customizable mugs. They are perfect gifts for your children to give teachers, family and friends, and a great gift for yourself, too, to unleash your creativity. I love the portable ones so I can drink my coffee on the go. Choose one or choose them all!