Make Pretend Time Fun with These Tool Belt Sets for Kids

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Under adult supervision, children will love to use these real tools, such as the hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, wrench and tape measure. Plus, the set includes safety goggles, a tool belt and a carrying bag to store everything in.

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This set is perfect for kids 4-7 years old. It has six tools, a tool belt, two pieces of pretend wood and an assortment of fake nails, screws and other accessories.

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This tool belt set is great for all ages and especially for young children thanks to the oversized design on each of the tools. Children will like that the tool belt says two phrases and three tool sounds.

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While adult supervision is needed for this tool belt set, we like that this kit comes with safety goggles, helping to reinforce proper protocols for working with real tools.

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We like that this tool belt set comes with a carrying case to hold all of the tools when your child isn’t using them. You get a tool belt, a name badge and safety goggles, too.

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We like that the Melissa & Doug tool belt set is brightly colored and wooden, giving a cute yet vintage feel to a classic toy that’s ideal for boys and girls.

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The Big Mo’s Toys tool belt is the perfect complement for a child that already has tools but no belt. Or, it can be the right accessory for a construction or builder costume.

Expert Commentary

Toys that represent adult tools give children opportunities for role-playing and for learning how these devices work in real life. These tool belt sets for kids vary in construction, from plastic and wooden replicas to functional, mini versions of adult tools. Nurture your kids’ interest in woodworking and construction with these age-appropriate sets that come with durable and multi-pocket belts.