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Make Learning the Piano Fun with These Keyboards

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Not everyone has space to house an upright piano in their home, but that doesn’t mean that children should miss out on the opportunity to learn to play the piano. Learning how to play an instrument has been linked to better academic performance. These days, keyboards come in a variety of sizes and styles — making them ideal for a wide age range of children.

We like that this kids’ keyboard comes with a power adapter but can also run on six AA batteries so you can use it on the go. You’ll even get 60 demo songs and a microphone jack.

Children will love that this kids’ keyboard comes with a detachable microphone, a record playback function, eight tones, eight rhythms, 11 demo songs and four percussion options.

This 37-key kids’ keyboard includes eight tones, eight rhythms, three demo songs, four percussion options, four animal sounds, volume and tempo controls and a microphone.

We love that this kids’ keyboard is packed with features that include demo songs, percussion tones, a microphone and an audio-out jack. It’s the perfect starter piano for toddlers and preschool kids.

We like that this is a colorful kids’ keyboard with 49 keys. Along with playing music you get eight different tones, six demo songs and a built-in speaker.

Expert Commentary

Whether your child already loves making music or you simply want to introduce them to it, these keyboards are a great way to get your child interested in key musical concepts. These toys are fun ways to help children understand things like tempo, key and notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can keyboards make learning more fun for kids?

Learning music can be tricky at first, so making it fun and engaging for kids can be a big help. If kids feel excited to learn music, the challenges become fun and spark curiosity. By using electronic keyboards, kids can learn different notes and scales by interacting with them in a satisfying way that doesn’t require pesky maintenance or tuning.

Giving kids a way to practice music and watch themselves progress through lessons can make music education so much more exciting for them. Kids can even start to learn their favorite songs to show off to their friends, building a passion for performing that drives them through their lessons with joy and curiosity.

When learning music, keyboards are a great and essential starting point for kids to have the tools they need to make music and have fun learning it. 

How can kids’ keyboards make learning music more accessible?

There are a lot of different learning tools for kids to practice with on a keyboard that an acoustic instrument doesn’t have.

Keyboards often have built-in drum sounds and metronomes to let new students get the feel of playing with other musicians while staying in time. Keyboards for kids often also have labeled keys, so kids can pick up skills quickly with this added visual aid.

The simplified layout of kids’ keyboards can also help kids stay on top of their music education without feeling overwhelmed. Kids can use electric keyboards to lay a foundation of understanding before moving on to more advanced ideas and different instruments. By keeping the skill floor low, keyboards can be a perfect entry to the world of music. 

Buying Guide

Keyboards come in a wide variety of different designs for all ages to enjoy, including ones aimed at kids. While you look at each keyboard, think about how the overall design and added features can lend your children a hand while they explore music and build their skills.

There are keyboards with built-in lessons to make teaching a snap, guiding them through melodies and scales. Other keyboards have a more frills-free design, which can be great for kids who want to further their understanding of music and get some extra practice. On top of that, some keyboards give kids a whole array of sounds and effects to play around with, giving them endless ways to make music and enjoy every second.

Keyboards can come with all sorts of these extra features, all giving children a fun twist to experiment with as they learn. There are even keyboards that come with microphones, so kids can learn to play and sing at the same time. Keep these things in mind while you narrow down your options, considering how your child learns best and which keyboard will spark their interest most.

By keeping education in mind, you can find the best option for your kids in no time. When kids have the perfect tools for their learning style, they can feel more ready to take on challenges and grasp difficult concepts as they get better at playing piano. 

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.