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Learning to Count Money Games


Children learn that money has value at a very early age. They have a lot of interest in what they are able to do with it and the things they are able to buy. There are plenty of benefits to gaining wisdom with currency. Kids can be taught counting, addition and subtraction, recognition of coin and bill denominations, and the value of each. Games are a fun, interactive way for this learning to occur. Browsing the extensive choices of available games may seem overwhelming, but this list is a good place to start.

The games listed provide methods children are easily able to follow. Kids use “pretend play” and real-life scenarios to learn the monetary value of different coinage and bills. Children will also enjoy being able to figure out what can be bought with varying amounts as well as how to possibly earn it. Any of these games can be a wonderful learning tool for children, inside and outside of the classroom.

Learning Resources provides this top-notch board game that teaches kids about money. They will enjoy counting, trading and collecting money while also learning to take turns as they move their game piece along the board. In no time, children will be aware of the exact amount of coins or bills needed to advance throughout the game. This game is ideal for younger children and is recommended for those ages 7 and up.

Most Entertaining

Melon Rind Clumsy Thief Money Game – Adding to 100 Card Game for Kids (Ages 8 and up) (Toy)

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This fun-filled game encourages kids to add quickly in their heads. It is a very active game that requires players to pay attention to their own cards as well as take note of what other players are doing. One of the great advantages of this game is that it can easily be modified for younger children. Kids may see improvement in their math skills after just a few rounds, which helps build confidence. This option is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Best Fast Game

Money Match Me Cards (Toy)

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The Money Match Me Cards can be used in a variety of ways. The game teaches children how to count coins and match cents and also strengthens coin, number and word recognition, among other skills. It can be played alone or with friends. It is a great way to practice drills or to reinforce what children have already learned. The game is recommended for those ages 6 and up.

Most Realistic

Learning Resources Buy It Right Shopping Game, 2-4 Players, Ages 6+ (Toy)

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The Buy It Right Shopping Game inspires pretend play in children while also teaching them about money. Kids will learn about price setting and buying and selling, and will also come to recognize the various coins and bills and their values. They’ll also learn to work with a calculator. This game provides realistic scenarios that children can relate to in the real world. It is also a fantastic game for groups. This option is recommended for kids ages 6 and up.

Most Authentic

Learning Resources Money Activity Set, 102 Pieces (Toy)

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Kids will feel special learning with the lifelike money in this activity set that can be played with alone or in a group. Kids can gain relevant math skills while handling these pieces, and they’ll also learn bill and coin recognition. This set is also great for teaching counting and problem-solving skills, and it can be beneficial for any child whether they are being introduced to money or building on existing skills. The set is recommended for those ages 5 and up.

Expert Commentary

“Counting money may seem like a boring or mundane task as an adult or caregiver. However, the basic math skills that it reinforces in a tactile manner can be a huge learning tool for children. The added benefit is gaining an understanding of what currency amounts exist and how to use them.”

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