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Learn the Value of a Penny Saved with These Piggy Banks

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Who doesn’t remember their first piggy bank? There’s something fun about adding spare change to a piggy bank and then eventually turning it into cold hard cash at the bank after you’ve filled it up. Help little ones learn the value of saving their money early on with these fun piggy banks.

This kids’ coin jar is specifically designed for U.S. coins and is easy to use with a simple twist-off lid. The LCD display clearly indicates how much money is in the jar.

With this kids’ piggy bank, your child still gets the classic slot in the back to insert coins or cash. It measures 7.5 inches across and comes with an adorable blue gingham scarf.

This classic ceramic kids’ piggy bank includes a rubber stopper so you won’t have to resort to a hammer to retrieve that change. It’s perfect for a baby registry gift.

We like that this kids’ piggy bank is available in seven colors to fit the decor for most kids’ rooms. Note, though, that this pick does require three AA batteries to operate and they’re not included.

This kids’ coin jar is designed for U.S. coins only and automatically keeps a tally of the current savings in it. Best of all, it’s easy to get the money out when you want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can piggy banks teach kids?
Teaching kids the skills of life is key to setting them up for success. A lot of those skills can be learned outside of the classroom. Providing kids with important lessons at home is a great way for parents to play a role in their children’s education. Parents can use piggy banks to teach their kids about both counting and saving money on a basic level. With a piggy bank, kids can learn to count and save their money, saving up coins to get something they want.

This approach to learning can be great for kids, making them excited about counting and saving up their money. Feeling the piggy bank slowly get heavier can be a great reward system for kids, giving them a strong incentive to save up over time. Piggy banks also let kids practice counting and sorting coins, which is an important life skill, even in the digital age.

How can parents use piggy banks to teach?
Bringing learning tools into the home can make teaching easier for parents. It can also make kids more receptive to the lessons their parents have for them. By using piggy banks, parents can teach their kids about math, money, counting, sorting and saving. Parents can use piggy banks to give their kids a fun and exciting way to learn these important skills.

The learning opportunities that piggy banks offer are nearly limitless, giving parents a lot of different ways to teach. They can challenge their kids to sort coins and total them up in groups, which can be a great way to reinforce math skills like addition and multiplication. The hands-on interaction with numbers can help make math easier for both parents and kids. With the added excitement of saving up for a toy, kids can be more eager to count up their coins and master their basic math skills.

Buying Guide

There are a lot of piggy banks out there for kids to enjoy, all with unique features to make learning fun. Finding the right one for your child is important to ensure they get the most out of their piggy bank. While you look through all your choices, make your decision based on how each design suits your child and their learning style.

There are options with cute designs that add a personal touch to learning, which can make kids more excited to learn how to save their money. There are also options with clear walls, so kids can see their personal bank slowly filling up over time. By showing kids exactly how much money they have, clear banks can keep kids excited about their savings. From the classic piggy design to jar-style banks with coin counters, there is something for every kid to love. Decide what type of bank fits your child and you are sure to land on your best choice in no time.

Expert Commentary

Encourage financial literacy and good money habits at a young age. A piggy bank is a great way to start. It is a simple yet valuable teaching tool as younger kids might have a hard time grasping the concept of banking. Get your kids these piggy banks to encourage them to save.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.