Knob Puzzles for Kids

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Each board has a fun theme (such as vehicles, dinos, sea animals, shapes, numbers and alphabet) and at least six puzzle pieces. Each piece has a unique shape and a convenient peg for toddlers to hold. These puzzles are great for sharpening your child’s motor skills, cognition and pattern recognition, and the set includes a helpful rack for storing the puzzle boards.

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Children will love playing with these six puzzles, each of which has a different theme: shapes, letters, animals, numbers, vehicles and fruit. Each piece is designed with an easy-to-grab knob that little ones can grasp as they improve their hand-eye coordination, motor skills and problem-solving skills.

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The puzzle board itself includes full-color pictures of the farm animals in order to help children with the matching process. It offers hands-on play that helps balance out time they may spend on electronic devices. Children will have fun learning visual perception skills and hand-eye coordination.

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Each piece fits into a blank space that shows an image of the correct vehicle and its name, reinforcing vocabulary learning. This sturdy 8-piece puzzle is a great option for youngsters who are at least a year old, and will help them develop coordination and problem-solving skills.

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This is an ideal set for young ones just learning shapes and animals. Toddlers will be able to learn and practice problem-solving skills through play with this puzzle. Problem-solving enriches reasoning and cognitive development, all of which children build and carry into their adolescent and adult lives. Incorporating this puzzle in playtime gives children a head start on honing these skills.

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This wooden peg puzzle set provides children with building blocks in math and English. With this set, children can learn letters, numbers and shapes, giving them fundamentals in early language skills, early number recognition and pattern awareness. The puzzles travel well and can be shared with friends, and this set is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

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This puzzle set is ideal for teaching toddlers how to use their imagination, for introducing them to the fundamentals of storytelling and even for teaching sounds. With this set you can help little ones explore colors, introduce them to letters and help them build spatial awareness skills. In addition to these basics, children will also have the chance to learn about sea animals, dinosaurs and more. The set includes a kit for tidy storage when not in use.

Expert Commentary

“There are only so many toys that can simultaneously help a child learn to read and pronounce words, while also developing problem-solving and fine motor skills. The knob puzzle is in this special genre. If your child puts toys in their mouth, or has younger siblings that do so, be extra careful with these types of toys.”



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