Best Desk Dividers

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Protect yourself and your belongings from germs that young students can spread so easily. This barrier helps reduce the spread of germs, yet still has a slot at the bottom for easily passing papers.

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These sneeze guards fold and snap down to just 12 inches long and have handles for easy carrying. Plus, they can be easily disinfected to eliminate any germs.

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You’ll appreciate that this desk divider is self-standing and is made from durable glass that can resist scratches and dents. It measures 17 by 23 inches and comes with a marker kit and tray.

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You’ll like that these desk dividers are sold in sets of four. The three-sided setup ensures it’s only too obvious if a student decides to sneak a peek at another person’s work.

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This desk divider measures 2 feet tall and is a bright and fun play on a privacy screen. When you’re done with private conversations, it folds flat for easy storage.

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We like that this version of desk dividers is made with a bright white inner lining so students don’t feel like they’re in dark cubbies.

Expert Commentary

Desk dividers are effective solutions against distractions when your students need to work and submit outputs independently. These privacy boards, which fit most desks and are sturdy enough to stand on their own, allow learners to pour all their concentration into the task at hand. They’re also easy to put away as soon as the class shifts to interactive mode.