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Introduce Music Lessons with Maracas for Toddlers

Exposing children to music helps to build creativity as well as critical thinking skills — even at a young age. For toddlers, it might be hard to get them started on more complex instruments, but maracas are a great way to start their musical education. These simple instruments are easy for little hands to hold and can create endless hours of entertainment.

In addition to toddler maracas, you’ll also get a triangle, cymbals, a tambourine, clackers and tone blocks. And it all comes in a cute miniature crate for easy storage when music time is over.

The fun toys are the perfect size for little hands and we like that you even get two types of toddler maracas — the traditional style with handles, and fun egg-shaped shakers.

Egg shakers are the instrument anyone can use, and this set would also make for a nice gift tucked into an Easter basket. These toddler maracas are also a great economical pick. Each one measures 2.7 inches by 1.8 inches and is the perfect size for toddlers to effectively grasp.

Along with toddler-sized maracas, you’ll also get a tambourine, two castanets and a handbell. Except for the castanets, the other instruments are made from sturdy wood.

These toddler maracas are rated safe for children as young as 18 months and still provides a robust sound that everyone will love. They also feature a sturdy plastic grip.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can toddlers learn from playing with maracas?
Finding ways to teach toddlers cognitive skills is an important task for parents, but sometimes it can be a challenge. Parents have to get creative to help their kids build those thinking skills in a way that is educational and engaging. Maracas can be a great way to accomplish that goal. Maracas can help toddlers engage with music in an entertaining way while building their hand-eye coordination.

Toddlers can play with maracas to learn everything from cause and effect to motor skills to rhythm. Not only can kids learn different skills with maracas, but they can also build the foundation for a positive learning mindset. By using maracas, toddlers can get more comfortable interacting with objects and the world around them while having fun with a simple musical instrument. When fun and education mix, they can make learning exciting and joyful.

How can maracas make music more accessible for kids?
Music can be a tough subject for a kid to wrap their mind around. There is so much information to cover while learning music, from rhythm to scales. When it comes to learning music, starting is often the hardest part. Using maracas, kids can learn the basics without becoming overwhelmed with information.

Maracas are simple by design, making playing them more manageable. All it takes to play the maracas is a simple shake, so kids don’t have to learn how the instrument itself works before picking it up and playing. Using entry-level instruments, kids can enter the world of music without having to overcome complicated barriers. Plus, maracas are just as fun as they are simple, so kids can get excited to start making music.

Buying Guide

With the right tools, teaching kids to make music can be smooth and simple — but the real challenge is finding them. There are so many options out there for kids to learn music with, so picking just one can be tough. While you look through all the different options, think about how each one suits your children and their educational needs. Some maraca sets come with other simple percussion instruments, from tambourines to finger cymbals. Sets like this are great for kids who like to switch it up, giving them plenty of options to play with and learn from.

Other kits keep it simpler, giving kids a basic set of maracas to build a solid foundation of musical skills. The more basic kits can offer a more focused approach while still being plenty of fun. Sticking to percussion instruments is a great way to start kids on the path to a musical education as they are often straightforward and fun to use. Finding a set of playful instruments to teach with is important for kids and their education, so keep these factors in mind while you browse your options to find the absolute perfect fit for your child’s musical endeavors.

Expert Commentary

Music fuels all areas of your child’s growth and development. Exposing your child to music at an early age can speed up their brain development, improve their motor skills, enhance their emotional well-being and encourage self-expression. Introduce your little one to music with these toy maracas.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.