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Inspire Creativity with These Kids Chalk Easels

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Chalk art is a popular way for children to express themselves while also practicing letters, shapes and numbers, but the weather isn’t always ideal for drawing on sidewalks. If you’re looking for fun indoor options for children to play with chalk during art class or free time while keeping the mess contained, consider investing in a kids’ chalk easel.

The kids’ chalk easel is double-sided with a whiteboard and chalkboard, and its height is adjustable as well. It also comes with a paper holder and cutter and accessories that hold paper and drawing tools.

This dual-sided kids’ chalk easel features a whiteboard and chalkboard, as well as a tray to hold drawing supplies. It also comes with a built-in paper roll and cutter.

Top Pick

This kids’ chalk easel is also magnetic and comes with dry erase markers, chalk, paper and canvas clips, as well as magnetic letters and shapes for a complete set of tools.

Most Compact

This kids chalk easel is also a great economical solution for budget-focused shoppers. The small size makes it perfect for children as young as toddlers.

Best for Preschool Class

This kids’ chalk easel can adjust from 30.7 inches to 48.8 inches tall. It also comes with a built-in tray that can hold the included drawing and coloring supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can chalk easels help kids in the classroom?

Sometimes kids need a little more space to work out their ideas during class. Having a chalk easel for kids to use can help them work through lessons and be excited to do so. The novelty of writing on the board like the teacher can get kids excited to learn and even teach each other. Kids can use easels in the classroom to write out math problems, giving them the room to break down questions and work them out. Kids can also use easels to play educational games with one another, building their communication skills while boosting the classroom environment. Easels are a great way for kids to interact with the class without worrying about making mistakes — all it takes is a quick wipe to get a blank canvas.

What can chalk easels be used for at home?

Bringing educational toys into the home can help students solidify their understanding of subjects from school. Parents can get a chalk easel for their children, giving them a fun approach to tackling homework and at-home learning. Sometimes children come home with all the new ideas from school bouncing around in their minds, so using a chalk easel can help them interact with all their new lessons without running out of room. Easels can also be used for educational games at home, giving parents a way to encourage their children to interact with fun and interesting ideas. Whether it is used for working out homework problems or drawing colorful pictures, kids can find so many things to do with chalk easels around the house.

Buying Guide

When it comes to chalk easels, there are a lot of choices to make. There are a lot of different designs out there, all offering their own unique twist on the traditional chalk easel. Keep in mind how each design serves the purposes of children and their learning experience as you look through your options.

Some chalk easels have a mounted tray to help kids keep their chalk neatly organized with the easel so they never have to look for it. There are also options that let kids clip drawings and stencils to the board with magnets, giving them another way to play and draw. You can even find easels that come with a roll of paper for kids to draw on, giving them the chance to make large-scale drawings that they can tear off and bring home. Giving kids the tools to learn is integral to the designs of these chalk easels, so you just need to find the one that suits your child best.

Expert Commentary

When you want to let your child explore their creativity, chalk art may be a good option to consider. Unlike paint, chalk is easy to draw with and less messy but still lets kids work on their fine motor skills. Adjustable chalk easels let kids bring their chalk art indoors at a station that’s the perfect height for them.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.