Best Compact Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set

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This plug-and-play combo set is powered by AA batteries and promises very little noise while typing and clicking. Plus, there are seven colors to choose from: pink, red, blue, gray, black, purple and silver.

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You’ll like the fact that this keyboard and mouse set is designed with comfort in mind. The keyboard includes a built-in wrist pad, and the mouse is contoured to fit your hand perfectly.

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With just two hours of charging, this keyboard and mouse set can run for 30 days before needing to be recharged. You’ll also like that the keyboard and mouse promise quiet-click keys.

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We like that the mouse in this keyboard and mouse set offers 1600 DPI for smooth tracking. You’ll also get one USB receiver for both items. Note, though, that this option isn’t fully compatible with Apple devices.

Expert Commentary

A wireless keyboard and mouse can provide you and your students with some flexibility if you’ve grown tired of staying in a fixed position on your PC. Consider choosing a wireless device with a wide range, which will help you operate them farther from your CPU or screen during presentations. Choose a pair that’s compatible with your handedness so you can improve your typing speed and accuracy.