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Improve Language Fluency with Sign Language Lessons

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For children who want to interact with adults or other children who are deaf or hearing impaired, learning American Sign Language can be an important first step. Just like with learning any other language, knowing how to sign can help to improve cognition and concentration, along with ensuring that your children can effectively communicate with a vital segment of our community. Check out these top-rated guides to learning ASL.

This sign language book will focus on the ASL alphabet, numbers one through 100 and common words and phrases — along with diagrams for making the signs.

In addition to teaching the signs, this sign language book will recommend fun ways to practice as well as guides to introduce non-verbal communication to kids on the autism spectrum. It’s perfect for even the youngest students.

Both parents and babies can rely on this sign language book to communicate with each other or members of the community who are deaf and hearing impaired. This includes the ABCs, numbers and essential words.

We like that this sign language book helps to teach children common etiquette when signing, an essential tip that will make communication much easier.

In addition to referencing the alphabet or numbers, this sign language book also includes key words and phrases such as major holidays, sports and potential synonyms for popular words.

Expert Commentary

Sign language is a unique skill that can provide an excellent way to communicate with people. These options are good ways to introduce the language to your child and get them interested in learning more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can sign language kits help kids learn sign language?

Sign language can be a tricky language to learn. There are a lot of subtle details in sign language that can be hard to get used to at first.

Kids can use sign language kits to practice their skills and consistently practice using sign language, which keeps them from forgetting everything they’ve learned. Just like any other language, sign language takes dedicated practice.


Sign language kits can make it easier for kids to dedicate time to learning by making lessons easy to understand and fun to follow along with. Whether at home or in the classroom, sign language kits can be a great tool to reinforce a child’s education of this fascinating way of communicating.


What can teachers do with sign language kits to make learning easier for students?

Giving kids a workbook to learn a language can be a big help, but actually guiding them through that workbook can be even better. Teachers can use sign language kits in the classroom to provide a guided lesson for kids, giving them directions that are easy to follow in an environment that supports learning.


By having a sign language kit in the classroom, kids can also feel more comfortable than they may using one at home, since their teacher is readily available to answer questions. When teaching a new language, keeping students on top of their practice is key to their success. Small things like these kits can break down barriers for kids, making learning more accessible and engaging. 


Buying Guide

There are a lot of different sign language kits out there that kids can learn from. Different kits can offer unique ways to teach kids sign language, so finding the one that suits your children best can make a big difference in their learning.


The way some kits teach sign language might be better suited towards older kids, while other kits offer a more simplified approach for young kids who are just starting sign language. Both can be great learning tools but picking out the best fit for your children and their educational level can take their learning to the next level.


Some of these kits explain sign language to kids by teaching them the basics with a fun twist. Elementary kits can help kids understand different signs by explaining each sign in a creative way that kids can easily pick up.


While you look through your list of options, keep in mind how each kit can help your children learn in the way that is most comfortable for them. By considering the learning experience each kit provides, you can make sure that you find the best possible option for your children and their learning styles.


When kids feel comfortable while they learn, it can cut out any pressure and let them focus purely on their lessons. Plus, the right kit can even make practice something kids can look forward to with excitement and curiosity.


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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.