Grow a Love for Music with These Percussion Toys

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This 22-piece set includes bells, shakers, a xylophone, tambourine and even a recorder and other instruments, giving children plenty to explore. All of the instruments have smooth, rounded edges for safety.

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This high-quality set includes maracas, a triangle, a hand drum, tambourine and other percussion instruments kids will love. With such a wide variety of instruments, children will be able to explore different sounds and work on their motor skills as each toy requires a different technique. The edges of each instrument are rounded for safety.

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These percussion toys are perfectly designed for smaller hands, and the set includes a wide range of instruments to keep little ones engaged during playtime.

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These percussion toys come with a convenient storage tote, which makes cleanup a breeze when playtime is over.

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With this percussion toy set, you’ll get 12 brightly colored instruments, including a xylophone, maracas and tiny cymbals. This kit also comes with a recorder, which is a great way for children to try out a woodwind instrument for the first time.

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This set is a great option for teachers, day-care centers, camp counselors or anyone else looking to form a toddler band. With maracas, a tambourine and even simple shaker eggs, this set makes music accessible to even the youngest kids. T also comes with a tote bag for easy storage.

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This percussion toy set features maracas, castanets, claves, shakers, a tambourine, a triangle and even wrist bells to help reinforce musical knowledge.

Expert Commentary

It’s never too early to nurture your kids’ love for music. Toy instruments aren’t just for fun. They can also improve your little ones’ motor skills, encourage creativity, build confidence and support brain development. Let your child explore the world of music with these toy instruments.