Get Organized with These Photo and Craft Storage Containers

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The boxes are black and have a slot on the front for a label. Each box is large enough to fit legal-sized papers and 12-inch-square scrapbooking albums. This product is lightweight yet durable, too.

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Each of the 16 cases inside this clear container has a snap-tight closure and is designed to hold 4 x 6-inch photos or other smaller supplies. You can organize, store, and easily transport up to 1,600 photos inside.

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With this option, you’ll get a large storage container with 16 smaller photo cases. We like that the smaller cases can also hold small craft items like glitter and pens.

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With this set, you’ll get one large container along with 16 smaller photo cases — with two boxes in each of the eight unique hues.

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This pick features a lid that snaps securely into place. The see-through container also makes it easy to find important items so you can focus on crafting.

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This photo and craft storage container is made of clear plastic so you’ll always know what’s inside each container. We like that these boxes double as a makeup storage solution.

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This photo and craft storage container is a simple option that can be stored in the closet and comes with a labeling slot so you can automatically tell what’s in the container without lifting the lid.