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Get Creative Outside with This Outdoor Acrylic Paint

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Who says that creativity must be limited to indoors at an arts and crafts table? If your kids love to paint and decorate, there are plenty of options for unleashing that creativity outside — but you need the right paint. Specifically, you need paint that’s strong enough to withstand the elements like rain or direct exposure to sunlight. Check out these outdoor acrylic paints and find a set that’s perfect for your kids.

This kids’ outdoor acrylic paint set is perfect for children as young as three. The acrylic paints are designed to remain vibrant even when your kid’s creations are left outside.

Children will love that this kids’ outdoor acrylic paint set also comes with googly eyes to bring their creations to life. The bold colors won’t fade in the sun.

This water-soluble kids’ outdoor acrylic paint set promises to give you a bright color payoff that’s permanent and won’t fade over time. We like that the pots snap closed to prevent drying.

Expert Commentary

When creating crafts that are intended to be displayed outdoors, it’s important to use reliable, durable materials. Acrylic paint is an excellent option for these crafts. The acrylic paint kits here are perfect for the budding artist or for the veteran craft kid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can kids learn from using outdoor acrylic paint?

Interacting with colors can be a great way for kids to learn how to channel their creativity and build their understanding of how colors mix. Kids can use outdoor acrylic paint to take up some fun and imaginative projects to practice their skills. 

With outdoor acrylic paints, kids can learn to make colors by mixing primary colors together, bringing an educational twist to painting. Kids can use outdoor paint for arts and crafts, using them to paint rocks to make fun little decorations. They can also paint little yard signs to give to their parents. Regardless of how they are used, acrylic paints can be a fun way for kids to learn and create.

How can teachers spruce up their lessons with outdoor acrylic paint?

Making the classroom an exciting place for kids to explore new ideas is key to building a strong learning environment. Using outdoor acrylic paint, teachers can take lessons outside and give kids the freedom to experiment with their imaginations. 

Teachers can create lessons centered around painting, boosting creativity in the classroom. Paint can be used for all sorts of lessons, teaching kids everything from painting techniques to color theory. Teachers can challenge kids to mix their own colors, providing only the primary colors to mix with. The added challenge of mixing colors can teach kids about the color wheel and how colors combine to make new ones. Kids can experiment with colors to understand how they complement each other, giving them a stronger foundation to work from while making art. 

Buying Guide

Outdoor acrylic paints come in so many different forms. Kids can learn a lot from having the right paints, so picking the best option for your children can be a big help to their education. 

There are full sets of paints that offer vibrant hues and exciting textures, giving kids a way to branch out and make their ambitious ideas come to life. Other paint sets come with a basic scope of colors, letting kids mix their own colors and furthering their understanding of how colors interact. On top of that, some paint sets come with a variety of brushes and other painting tools for kids to use, so they can practice a wide range of techniques. 

Make your choice based on how your kids can learn from the tools each set provides to make sure you get the best fit. There are even kits that come with fun and colorful stickers for kids to play with, encouraging creativity and pushing kids to their full potential. 

Breaking down the barriers for kids can help them unleash their imaginations without feeling restricted, and the right set of paints can play a big part in unlocking that creative potential. Kids love to have fun, and getting the right set of paint can make their learning experience as exciting as it is educational. By keeping your child’s learning style and interests in mind, you can be sure that you make the right choice for your kid.

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Melissa Spurling

Melissa holds a doctorate in pharmacy and is a home educator, co-teaching a high school chemistry class and a primary school class. Having taught two of her own children to read, write and traverse Singapore Math, Melissa has spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours researching and testing curriculum.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.