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Fun Paint-by-Numbers Sets for Kids

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Painting is a fun way for anyone to get involved in the arts, even from a young age. With paint-by-numbers sets, children not only tap into their creative side, but learn to follow directions. Also, by placing specific paint colors in predetermined locations, your little ones can easily create amazing works of art while boosting their cognitive functioning skills, building patience and reducing stress. If you have a child who’s interested in painting, get them started with these fun, kid-friendly paint-by-numbers sets.

Each acrylic paint pot in this children’s paint-by-numbers set is labeled with a number that makes it easy to follow along. You’ll also get three paintbrushes and a good-quality canvas that can be hung anywhere.

This children’s paint-by-numbers kit measures 16 by 20 inches. It also features everything you need — including highly-pigmented paint, easy-to-clean paintbrushes and hanging hardware for your finished canvas.

This paint-by-numbers kit includes more than 20 acrylic paint colors, three paintbrushes and hardware to hang your canvas creation when you’re done. It is suitable for beginners but also offers great attention to detail.

This unframed kit comes with the pre-printed art canvas, bright and quick-drying paints, multiple brushes and hooks for hanging. Everything is clearly marked for your convenience, though you may want to make sure you have sufficient light and a magnifying glass for small areas.

This is a complete children’s paint by numbers kit. It comes with three brushes and pre-labeled paint that corresponds with the number outlined on the pre-printed canvas. The final image measures 16 by 20 inches and will give your child something to be proud of.

Expert Commentary

Painting by numbers is an excellent way to help build a child’s confidence in painting. Although you might be available to offer help, letting your child figure out the correct paint to use in the appropriate space is a great way to build problem-solving skills in your child. Also, painting by numbers makes for a thoroughly fun activity, keeping kids fully immersed for hours.

What can kids learn from paint-by-numbers kits?

Finding fun activities that kids can learn through is a great way to support their education. With paint-by-numbers kits, kids can learn about colors and shapes while painting a picture. They can be used to teach patience since the process of filling in each dot can be meticulous. Making learning secondary to the activity can help to keep a kid engaged with learning, sometimes without even realizing they’re learning at all. With paint-by-numbers kits, kids can gain the knowledge they need while having fun. For younger students, paint-by-numbers kits can also help kids work on their fine-motor skills in a fun and engrossing new way. 


How can teachers use them in the classroom?

Teachers do their best to make class activities engaging and fun for everyone. Some teachers bring extra activities into the mix to support the lesson with a fun twist. Paint-by-numbers kits are one such twist, and they can be perfect for the classroom. By giving students a template to work from, teachers can see how well the kids understand colors and numbers based on how they fill in the picture. Paint-by-numbers kits can be used as a subtle and effective tool to test kids on their knowledge of numbers and colors, without the pressure of a test, and their ability to follow directions.


How do they make learning fun?

As so many kids know, making class fun is important. It helps kids bring a bright and positive attitude to class if they are excited for whatever fun activities are waiting for them. Paint-by-numbers kits can bring out that exact feeling with their vibrant colors and fun pictures. Kids can get excited to paint different landscapes, plants and even their favorite animals. With the personal attachment to the task, kids can build up excitement and anticipation for class and their painting time. 


How can parents use paint-by-numbers kits at home?

Bringing schoolwork home can be a chore for some kids, so parents can help by making at-home learning more enjoyable. By using paint-by-numbers kits, parents can give their children a new way to interact with numbers and colors that feels light and exciting. Parents can even work on the painting with their children, making it a bonding activity as well as an educational one. Plus, parents can hang the finished painting on the fridge to remind their children of their hard work every time they walk through the kitchen. 

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.