Fun Card Games for Fourth Through Sixth Graders

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This game comes in a tin with all of the necessary cards and instructions for playing. Plus, it comes with customized wild cards to turn the game up a notch.

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In this version of Monopoly, players aim to collect three full property sets to win. The game can accommodate two to five players and lasts up to 45 minutes to play.

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We like that this card game comes with a convenient carrying pouch. All you need is at least two players to begin the game and it’s ideal for kids ages 8 and older.

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If you have kids with short attention spans, you’ll like that this card game has a playing time of roughly 10 minutes. It’s perfect for family game nights.

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The interesting thing about this card game is that the Farkle card — while hurting your score in the beginning — can help you gain bonus points at the end of the game. Tweens will enjoy the strategizing required to win at Farkle Flip.

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Children will ask other players questions to help deduce the scene of the crime, the weapon and “whodunnit.” Clue works best with three to four players.

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In this fast-paced card game, players will work to accumulate ingredients to make tasty treats. This game teaches strategy skills and is ideal for kids ages 7 and older.

Expert Commentary

These intermediate games are perfect for your grade-school, pre-teen children. Game night is an essential way to have good old-fashioned fun away from the TV and other screens that occupy our lives. These games are perfect for your next family night in!