Fun Card Games for First Through Third Graders

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This game helps children practice their critical thinking and questioning skills as they provide clues for others and try to figure out their own animal, food or object card. Great for two to six players.

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The 56-card decks include addition and subtraction problems with numbers between zero to 12, simple flashcards for numbers between zero to 100 and math war. All four games are great for children to practice on their own or play with others.

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These card games for first through third graders help to teach numbers and colors while reinforcing memorization skills. Each deck is sure to provide hours of fun.

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Parents of younger children will like that these card games are easier to learn than some of the classic picks. Children as young as 6 years old can play these games.

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The deck in this card game features 105 cards. Gameplay is quick and can accommodate two to six children. It’s best for children ages 5 or older.

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We like that this card game for first through third graders has smaller cards that are easy for little hands to grasp. We also like the bold illustrations that help to keep kids engaged.

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This card game is ideal for children as young as 4, and can accommodate up to seven players. We also like that the instructions are easy to follow.

Expert Commentary

Give your child a non-screen activity with these engaging games! It’s a struggle to compete with iPads and TVs, but these games are tried and true diversions that are fun for the entire family. These games also help develop critical thinking skills while disguised as silly fun. Choose the card game that you think will best engage your family. I personally love Go Fish and other classic card games that I played while growing up.