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Foster an Early Love of Learning in Toddlers with These Educational Posters

Small toddler or a baby child playing with puzzle shapes on a low table in a colorful children room in a nursery or preschool.

Toddlers are like sponges, they soak up everything around them. Educational posters can help them solidify key concepts like the alphabet, basic counting, colors or even the days of the week and months. Whether your toddler is in daycare or home with you, consider adding these educational posters to their surroundings to help reinforce early learning building blocks.

Each educational toddler poster is 16 by 11 inches and comes with glue dots for easy mounting. You’ll also like how economical these posters are.

These educational posters help reinforce the alphabet, shapes, numbers, the solar system, weather, animals, seasons, a U.S. and world map so much and more.

These educational posters feature dual-sided designs in both English and Spanish. You’ll get nine posters in each set. Children will learn the alphabet, numbers, colors and more.

Children will love these brightly colored educational toddler posters. Each poster is printed on 100-pound paper and is vibrantly illustrated to keep children engaged.

You’ll love that these educational toddler posters are meant to last and are designed for you to write on. They’re safe for use with whiteboard pens, chalk and crayons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes an educational poster engaging for toddlers?

Sometimes it can seem like getting a toddler’s attention is impossible, especially in a stimulating environment. Educational posters typically take advantage of the stimulation-chasing nature of toddlers by featuring crowded and colorful designs that are basically attention magnets. They can cover a variety of topics for your toddler to enjoy with vibrant colors and crowded layouts that keep them entertained. Finding a strong balance of educational content and stimulating design could be perfect for grabbing your toddler’s attention and holding it.

How can teachers effectively use educational posters?

In the classroom, educational posters are a great way to keep key concepts in students’ minds. Having posters with attention-grabbing colors and characters can keep them engaged in their class subjects. This could improve the learning experience for young children by taking away the need for memorization, keeping important information in view at all times. Amid an alluring maze of colors and shapes, students may find it easier to stay focused on the classroom and their learning. Making the classroom fun both visually and physically can boost the quality of their experience, and posters may be a great way to do exactly that.

What should teachers keep in mind when decorating with educational posters?

When decorating the classroom, it can be hard to know where to start. Having educational materials strewn around the room can be overwhelming, so decorating with purpose is a good idea. It may prove useful to keep the posters with fine details within arm’s reach for the kids, so they can interact with the poster and easily take in all the information. More basic posters with less densely packed information may be better off in places higher up, as it might not be necessary for children to look closely and directly interact with them. Making the posters a source of interaction can be a good way to keep students excited and engaged, bringing out their natural curiosity.

How can an educational poster support classroom lessons?

Having educational posters in the classroom offers a lot of information to the kids at all times, but having a guided lesson about them may help develop a deeper understanding. A lesson could directly reference a poster in the classroom, or use it as an example. This could lend itself to a more tangible way to learn, as children could turn to the poster if they get confused. The vibrant nature of educational posters could also be used as a memorization device, allowing kids to remember a specific character or action associated with a subject. This fun addition to their learning might just give them the guidance they need to learn effectively.

Expert Commentary

Educational posters can improve the learning process for your little ones. Using these visual aids, they can learn basic concepts including the days of the weeks, months and different seasons. They can also practice their ABCs and numbers. Hang these posters on your walls to make learning engaging for your younger children.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.