Encourage STEM with These Architectural Construction and Building Toys

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Suitable for children 3 and older, this set of building pieces helps kids master fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. They’ll have fun exploring how the pieces fit together to create anything they dream up.

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These blocks come in a natural finish and assorted colors. They can be stacked to create anything your child desires, making them a fantastic imaginative and creative playtime toy.

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Kids will like that these building toys are a mix of bright and pastel hues. They can create a range of shapes and structures and never repeat the same structure twice.

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An added bonus with this building toy set is that it’s made of wood, giving it a fun vintage effect. Children will explore creative thinking, spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills with this toy.

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We love the colorful building bars and tripods in this building toy set. Because this set comes with magnetic balls, it’s safest for older children.

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This building toy kit comes with 198 pieces, and the primary colors help to engage children. Young builders can create many different configurations with this fun set.

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We like that the generic shapes in this building toy kit allow younger children to explore their creativity while also learning basic building principles.

Expert Commentary

Construction and building toys can boost motor skills and creative thinking, whether your child plays with them alone or with others. The best sets contain a lot of pieces, although kits with large blocks are safest for younger children. They can progress from building simple towers to more complex structures like animals and vehicles with high-quality, safe construction sets.