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Encourage Creativity with Clay Art

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For kids, playing with clay is just plain fun. But when children make something with their hands, it’s also a learning experience. Clay art gives kids a tactile focal point that boosts creativity and also lets young ones work on their coordination and fine motor development. Clay art sets give kids hours of hands-on entertainment that will let them flex their imaginations as they create something tangible, then rework it all over again — or air-dry their art and keep it.

This clay art set comes with an activity set including 25 molds, cutters, tools and eight two-ounce cans of clay to create for endless hours of fun and creativity.

Crayola clay art dough is safe to use and has a soft texture that’s easy for young children to mold. The tub keeps the clay moist between uses, but for classroom projects or at-home crafting, kids can let their creations air-dry into permanent objects. They can paint what they’ve made using tempera, acrylic or watercolor paints.

Your children will love that this clay art set features 24 vibrant clay colors, each in its own tub. There are also three tools and additional sealed bags to prevent the clay from drying out. If kids love what they’ve created, they can let it air dry — no oven needed to harden the clay.

The jewelry supplies included in this clay art set make it a good pick for elementary-aged kids who have an interest in making things they can wear. Plus, it comes with a larger container for easy storage, and kids’ finished creations air dry in 24 hours.

Each hue in this colorful clay art set comes in its own tub, making it easy to reuse the clay. When kids want to keep their works of art, just let the clay air-dry. This pick is best for kids 3 and older.

Expert Commentary

Whether you’re shopping for clay to stock your classroom or are looking for a clay set for your kids to create their next masterpiece with, the options here are great for any project. They allow children to experience tactile art in a new way while minimizing messes and giving them new tools to work with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can kids learn with clay art?

Giving kids the freedom to experiment with different ideas is a great way to make learning engaging and natural, without worrying about strict guidelines. With clay art, kids can channel their creativity to the fullest. It can be used for any number of lessons outside of art class, from geometry to biology. Kids can build their favorite animals out of art clay, which can build a deeper understanding of animals or insects and their characteristics. It can even be used for teaching kids to make shapes in a tangible way. Art clay can help to bridge the gap with abstract topics using fun and creativity.


What features of clay art help kids learn?

By allowing kids to rework things and literally build their understanding, clay art can help kids learn without pressure or limitation. There are many kinds of clay out there for kids, all with different characteristics that bring a different experience to the classroom or at-home learning. Dough-like clay helps kids create shapes endlessly without drying out or making a mess, keeping the door to their creativity wide open. Using earth clay can be more of an artistic process, teaching kids to plan and brainstorm before creating. It can also be fired in a kiln and glazed, so kids can take their ideas from a thought to a physical piece of art from start to finish. Regardless of the type of clay, kids can learn all sorts of things with each one. 


Buying Guide

When looking for clay art, look for options that suit your children and their educational needs. Some options are made from a synthetic material that won’t dry out, letting kids rebuild their creations over and over again. Some clay art kits are designed to dry into shape if you leave them out for a few days. With some options, clay can also come in fun colors to add a creative boost to moulding. More natural clays offer a full experience, from sculpting to glazing. There are even some clay art kits that offer a guided lesson for a specific piece of art, so kids can follow along and build their own special creation. No matter what you need, there is likely a clay art set out there that fits your child and their educational needs. From dough art to natural clay, you are sure to find the absolute best fit for your child, adding a new layer of fun and creativity to their learning experience. 

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.