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Draw Bigger with This Outside Chalk

Little child drawing with colorful chalk on asphalt

Children love drawing, but when the weather gets warm, why not take this activity outside? Sidewalk chalk is the perfect solution since it easily washes away with a hose or the rain. The larger pieces are easier for younger children to hold and control as they practice drawing shapes, writing their names and doodling. Check out our top sidewalk chalk picks.

This chalk is washable, non-toxic and suitable for outdoor use or for indoor chalkboards. The large quantity is sure to last all school year, too.

The design of these chalk pieces is great for practicing proper grip, and they have pointed ends that are similar to crayons. Plus, the colors are fantastic and the set even includes four glittery chalk pieces.

The larger shape of this sidewalk chalk makes it perfect for younger children to easily grasp. Each piece of chalk measures 4 inches long with a slightly tapered shape.

You’ll get 18 colors with this sidewalk chalk set. Each piece of chalk measures 4.2 inches long and 1 inch in diameter.

Kids will like that the Crayola sidewalk chalk set features a shape that mimics its crayons — making it very easy for them to use.

With the Toysmith sidewalk chalk, you’ll get 20 pieces of chalk in assorted colors,. As is common, it washes off easily and is ideal for kids five and older.

Each piece in this sidewalk chalk set is individually wrapped. The horns have a gold exterior, that reveals cute pastel hues on the inside once you begin to draw with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What educational activities can children do with chalk?

When teaching young children, you can help them learn effectively by adding fun twists to lessons that get them excited. One possible option for such a twist is outdoor chalk. Lots of children love being creative, and tying creativity to just about any lesson can make it stick with them. From drawing bugs to doing math on the sidewalk, the learning opportunities are endless. Plus, giving the kids a change in scenery could help them get excited about learning. Using chalk for outdoor lessons could be a great way to keep the kids engaged and happy.

What skills can you teach children using chalk?

The great thing about using chalk to teach is its open-ended nature. It could be used to teach a variety of skills, all while keeping the lessons fun and interesting. Chalk could help teach in-class subjects, bringing a new way to interact with class topics. But simply using chalk instead of a pencil may be a good way to reinforce motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Leaving the classroom to write draw outdoors with chalk can let kids’ imaginations run wild, allowing them to fully invest in their activities. Reinforcing school lessons with a creative element could be just what kids need.

How can chalk be used in the classroom?

Aside from the outdoor uses, chalk can also be used inside the classroom for a boost of color and fun. Teachers could use a chalkboard in the classroom and encourage children to participate by writing on the board. They could even have smaller individual chalkboards for each student. Finding a new way for kids to participate in class lessons is also a fun way to change things up. Additionally, using chalk instead of markers means very little cleanup, saving teachers time and stress.

What can parents do with chalk to teach at home?

Bringing school lessons home can be a great way to keep your kid on top of their class topics, and writing and drawing in chalk could be a fun option to bridge the gap. Parents could take their children outside and challenge them to draw different bugs and animals and or draw maps and shapes. This game-like approach to reinforcing their learning might just keep them engaged and excited to learn more. Kids could even draw independently and show off their drawings to their parents, bringing them some excitement while they also practice drawing and coloring.

Expert Commentary

While some might consider sidewalk chalk to be a little “old school,” it’s actually a wonderful implement that encourages outdoor play. It also helps build children’s fine motor skills. Sidewalk chalk adds variety to their creative playtime and is a welcome break from tablet and phone screens. These options are washable and have incredible versatility. Grab a set for your kids today!

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.