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Create the Perfect Workspace with These Child Desk and Chair Sets

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Every student needs a dedicated workspace, a space that’s comfortable for them to work at and make their own. With many children doing school at home this year, you might want to give them a space that’s better than the kitchen table. In that case, consider some of these fantastic desk-and-chair sets.

This child desk and chair set has 12 height positions for the table and seven for the chair. It’s also available in four colors and features a tilting tabletop with internal storage space.

We love that this set is in a light pecan finish, which will complement most home decor schemes. This is a great option for toddlers through early elementary school-aged kids.

You’ll like that this child desk and chair set is available in 16 varieties, including three neutral hues and 13 designs based on popular characters like Mickey Mouse and Elmo. Each desk also has a drawer and cup holder.

You’ll like that this set is easy to assemble and features an adjustable-tilt desktop to help reinforce proper posture and protect your child’s spine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can children’s desks and chairs improve a kid’s learning experience?

Making sure kids are prepared for school right off the bat is one of the best ways to set them up for success as their academic journey unfolds. One way to make sure kids have what they need to learn is by giving them a suitable desk to use at home. The right desk can play a big part in making a child feel ready and excited to learn.

Desks can help kids stay organized and tidy, so they feel confident in taking on their homework. Some desks have fun decorative designs, and others offer unique features that add a touch of versatility. By getting a desk that supports both a child’s schoolwork and personality, parents and teachers alike can ensure the comfort and joy of young learners.

What features make desks and chairs better for children?

There are a lot of choices to make when it comes to getting a new desk for a child, which can make it overwhelming. Overall, desks for kids tend to have their own unique features to support how little ones learn. They can add a touch of whimsy with flashy colors, making kids excited to sit down and do their homework.

Desks for kids can also come with added features, from chalkboards to adjustable desktops. These fun and interesting extras can help support kids in their learning goals by giving them easy ways to work and create all in one spot. Picking out a desk with these helpful features can help kids in the early stages of their education, setting them up for success by keeping them excited to use their desks and focused once they sit down.

Buying Guide

The number of desks for kids on the market can make it hard to pick just one. While you look at each option, think about how its overall design and features can help your child learn. Obviously keep in mind the size of the desk as related to their height, as well as any special additions that make it stand out. Having enough space to work will be a big help for kids, helping them stay on top of their homework without the added clutter of a smaller desk.

Some desks even give kids a way to organize their supplies, keeping the desk clear of clutter and ready to use. But the variety of designs doesn’t stop at size and shelves, there are also desks with added features that support creativity. From colorful designs — or stately ones for serious youngsters — to innovative adjustable surfaces, there is something for every kid to love.

Some desks even have interchangeable tops that let kids use the desk as a chalkboard. Features like this can give kids the freedom to branch out and explore new ideas, so finding a desk that supports their exploration is a great way to set them up for anything school will send their way.

Expert Commentary

The right choice of study furniture can make learning fun for kids. A desk and chair that match their height and adjust to their kind of activities can improve their focus and interest, whether studying at home or in school. Homework becomes enjoyable when the set feels comfortable and features accessories for storing supplies and hanging bags.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.