Create a Desk Anywhere with These Notebook Tables

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Whether your student wants to stand at the table or wishes to sit in comfort on the floor, this stand can be used to allow for more convenient use of notebooks, laptops and more in any location.

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This folding table requires no assembly and can easily be stored anywhere. The non-slip legs are perfect for working in bed, since the table doesn’t slip on the covers. Using this while positioned upright may provide certain benefits associated with standing desks, too.

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This notebook table is available in two finishes: American cherry and honeydew. You can adjust the desk angle, and there’s a built-in ledge to keep items from falling.

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This stand is built from a durable aluminum alloy. A nice feature of this notebook table is that there’s built-in storage for an additional keyboard, and the frame allows for ventilation.

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As is common with notebook tables like this, you also get built-in storage for other tech gear like a keyboard or mouse. It’s available in three colors: silver, space gray and gold.

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You can choose from three colors with this notebook table. This stand is compatible with laptops as large as 17 inches wide, giving you a great deal of versatility.

Expert Commentary

A portable and tilting notebook table can help students make the most out of their notebooks or laptops without hurting their posture. It can convert into a bed desk, couch desk or desk riser while keeping your student’s device in place and well-ventilated. Choose between height-adjustable units and fixed units with a clean and modern look.